Game #138: Jays at Red Sox pregame

Toronto (70-67) at Boston (83-55)
at 7:05 p.m. ET at Fenway Park

Today’s lineups:

Vernon Wells, CF
Matt Stairs, LF
Alex Rios, RF
Frank Thomas, DH
Troy Glaus, 3B
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Roy Halladay (14-6, 3.87 ERA)

Julio Lugo, SS
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Mike Lowell, 3B
J.D. Drew, RF
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Jason Varitek, C
Coco Crisp, CF
Jacob Ellsbury, LF

PITCHING: RHP Josh Beckett (16-6, 3.29 ERA)

NOTES: Stairs was in the lineup for the third game in a row. Can you blame manager John Gibbons for keeping LF Reed Johnson on the bench? Stairs has hit 479 over his past 21 games and he went 4-for-4 on Monday. … Toronto activated Brandon League from the DL, purchased the contract of C Sal Fasano and recalled RHP Josh Banks and INF Hector Luna. To make room on the 40-man roster for Fasano, LHP Gus Chacin was moved to the 60-day DL. … League plans on staying in Florida to train this winter instead of heading home to Hawaii. … Gibbons said Banks could make a start or two at the end of the month if the Jays fall out of the race. … Toronto will give an extra day of rest to its starters with the upcoming off-day, rather than skip anyone’s turn.

entering Tuesday
1. New York 76-62 (–)
2. Seattle 74-62 (1)
3. Detroit 73-64 (2.5)
4. Toronto 70-67 (5.5)

REALITY CHECK…Since 1995, the runner-up in the AL Wild Card race has finished with an average of 89 victories. The Blue Jays would need to go 20-5 over their final 25 games to reach 90 wins.


Well, if he didn’t keep Stairs in the lineup, I’d have a problem.

We’re still in the race, guys like Stairs, Thomas and Glaus are the grizzled vets expected to carry this team as they tried to do last night. That’s why we got them and that’s why they get the big bucks-well except Stairs.

I like tonight’s lineup-Go Jays!!!!!

I find it interesting that Gibby was crying when Johnson was on the DL as he is supposed to be the spark plug at the top of the order and now when the Jays need the wins the most, he is sitting on the bench. Stairs is a monster player right now and I am lovin what he has been doing this past 21 games. Go Jays Go!

When Wells came up with two on, I thought it was his moment. He has been slumping, no matter what spot in the lineup he is in (although i think it works best when he hits 3rd) and down 4-0 that was a spot where your franchise player comes up with a big hit. Low and behold, he pops out. He is still my favorite player and I will continue to support him. But don’t you find it interesting that next batter, Matt Stairs, your 39 year old one year rental veteran is the one who gets the big hit? I hope the Jays keep him around for next year.


Way to go Abner-another genius decision.

Why did Halliday start the 8th inning and why are you leaving him out there?

He’s now up to 126 pitches and you have a fresh bullpen.

Yank him you dumb idiot.

I agree with you tonight sumner Halladay should’ve been yanked after the 7th. I’ve never had a problem leaving a guy a little too long with a lead, but when they’re trailing pull him.


Halliday has already pitched 186 innings this year before tonights game. In his previous two to three starts our boy genius Abner kept him out there for 110 to 120 pitches per game.

We were two runs down, and neither Janssen, Downs or Accardo pitched yesterday and Wolfe only pitched one inning. We had a fresh bull pen and reserves on the way.

And this g** d*** idiot, numbskull, little league manager of ours put our franchise pitcher out there and risks injury in a loosing battle.

What kind of a chance do we have to win next year, if we loose Halliday to serious injury now-slim to none.

How smart is that. The guy’s a mental midget and the longer we keep him around the longer it is before we have a serious chance to win.

I mean, he doesn’t even know how to fill out a proper lineup card. Does anyone here really think the player’s respect him for his continual day in and day out foul ups or the blow up with Lilly last year.

Let’s send Abner back to the Smokies and let him manage a sand lot team in the soft hills-providing he has an assisstant of course to make decisions for him.

We have great players-we need a good manager.

DUMB HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have bird feeders in my yard.
I started to watch the game after the second I shut the TV off and went out to watch the birds.

This is not a good team they do not play well together.

Johnson must go to make room for Lind,Lind will improve on deffence.Wells must hire a hitting coach during the of season he is being paid big bucks he can afford it and he needs to learn how to hit again.

Rios 5 tool enough said.

Overbay needs the rest to heal.

Hill cant complain.

Jhonny Mac will do, he said if he is going to play more he will be ready I belive him and I love his deffence.

as far as Glaus goes,

One part of his foot will heal but the bone chip wont he should be traded his 12.8mil will go a long way.

They have to trade Zaun he has no arm the league knows it and they will keep running on him.

Stairs must come back what a monster he has been.

That leaves Thomas if he starts the year like he is finishing this year welcome back if not get lost.

We have halliday great pitcher.

If Burnett stays healthy great pitcher.

Three young pitchers who must be getting tired by now are doing a great job.

Litsch belongs in -AAA-ball for one more year it can only help him.

We have a good bullpen.

If Toronto takes it’s time with BJ Ryan the bullpen gets better.

JP and Gibbons both have to go or all is lost.

Cito Gaston is the man we need but as we all know JP is afraid of him because he has his own mind no puppet here.

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