McDonald signs two-year deal

It was a grand few days off for me, though I didn’t realize the Blue Jays were going to collapse and get tangled up in the steroid scandal in my absence. But, there was a bit of good news on the Toronto front today: shortstop John McDonald has agreed in principle to a two-year contract for the 2008-09 seasons, according to the Toronto Star. Obviously, I’ll be following this up when I wander over to the ol’ Dome today.

My wife and I had a lovely mini-vacation in Boston. We hoofed it along the Freedom Trail, got "America’s Best Burgers" at Mr. Bartley’s steps away from Harvard, and even went whale watching and saw about a dozen humpbacks. The highlight, though — and, if you’re ever in Boston and have a taste for some solid affordable italian food in the North End — was eating at a little place called Giacomo’s. It opened at 5 p.m. and immediately had a line that quickly grew out the door and went down the block. It was spectacular.

Anyway, I’ll be back at the ballpark soon enough. Good to see the comments kept flowing for the most part while I was away.

UPDATE — 1:42 pm It’s official. The Jays just sent out a release, announcing that they have indeed inked Johnny Mac to a two-year, $3.8 million contract. What’re your thoughts on the McDonald signing?


Is Glaus out for the NYY series?

Well it looks like we wont be looking for a shortstop this winter.
As for the 2 year deal I like it a lot Jmac has been stelar on deffence and his offence is improving to a point where he may hit around the 265 mark which is great and in a full season he may steal 15.

jil consor.

I for one hope they shut Glaus down for the year,Let him get the rest that he needs so he can come back healthy next year we are going to need him.

I think Gibbons over used Accardo and Jannson this year and Wolfe not enough Frasor sat forever Downs can handle it all in all I don’t think Gibbons knows how to handle his pitchers very well.

How many posters out there think JP will replace Gibbons and if so with who.

Do you like the 2 year 3.8 mil. deal Jhonny Mac. got.


I like the deal a lot, I actually thought JM could have gotten more-but as you read the Star article you can tell he wants to stay here and win.

It also looks like if he plays 18 of the remaining 19 games he has a chance for the gold glove-likely the only one this team has a shot at.

Of course, dumb Abner will likely sit him for 3-4 games.

No he wont if he does he wont be able to say I helped him win the gold glove lol.

I am super excited the Johnny Mac is sticking around for a couple of years. In theory we have enough offence and Jmac deserves the Gold Glove. I hope he gets enough games under his bat. I watched the end of the 9th and I was in tears watching the Jays give away Doc’s game. Gibby does not know how to manage his bullpen and Accardo and anssen have noodle arms, not there faults. There is talk of Gibby in the running for manager of the year. I will protest if that becomes the case. I am attending the Yanks/jays game on Thursday, should be fun!

Although I love Johnny Mac just as much as the next guy, I’m disappointed in this deal for one reason: it means the Jays are likely NOT making a deal to get a leadoff hitter this off season. Every position is pretty much locked up, which means the Jays are stuck with either Johnson or Wells at the leadoff spot next year.

With Johnson’s 2006 year probably being a bit of a fluke, I don’t have a lot of confidence in him. And having Wells batting leadoff seems like a real waste considering he was signed to that massive contract to drive guys in lower in the order.

Who else is there? Rios? He’s better lower in the order, too. Lind? He’s probably going to be a solid (if unspectacular) major leaguer, but he’s not what you’re looking for in a leadoff guy.

I dunno. What do you folks think? Cross our fingers and hope that Johnson rebounds?

The Jays better not be playing Johnson in the leadoff slot, because that means Stairs isn’t playing left, and the Jays are 8 or 9 games above .500 this year when Stairs starts in left. If it ends up that we put someone unconventional, eg. Overbay, in the leadoff spot because everyone else is better somewhere else, we should be happy about our lineup being stocked with so much power, not lamenting the necessity of Overbay as our leadoff man.

If Gibby is voted manager of the year I’d puke and organize a riot outside of MLB’s office for the next 10 years.

How dose one get nominated for manager of the year,If Gibbons gets nominated I will no longer be a Blue Jay fan.

Garry-Just join me in the riot! lol

Who is pitchen marcum or towers.

Thats it for me I’m not going to watch this team for the rest of the year I will check them out on the computor but they are not worth watchen they just p-iss me off.

I am happy with McDonald’s contract, his defense does save runs, despite what I said yesterday (he might be fatigued) he managed to help turn an outstanding double-play. As much as I love Jeter, you wont see stuff like that out of him.
As for people claiming that we need a lead-off hitter, i agree though I doubt it’ll happen. I would be happy with a platoon of Stairs and Reed for next year though.

ooohhhhhhhh yeah, another pounding of the Jays!!!!! I love it!!!!!! So much for your WC fantasies. Don’t worry my Yanks will definitely finish you guys off this week!!! One last thing, I fart on all your Moms’ heads!!!!!

I am thrilled. I think signing Johnny Mac was an extremely smart move. He may not be the best offensive player, but my god he shines with that glove…which if you ask me can be just as valuable to a team.

I’m excited for the 08 season!!

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