Game #152: Red Sox at Blue Jays pregame

The Blue Jays may have to increase the budget for baseballs next season. Some of their personnel are taking to hitting a fair number of balls into the upper regions of the Rogers Centre lately. Hours before game time tonight, third base coach Brian Butterfield stood behind home plate and yelled "Tabby!" Butter then used his fungo bat to try to launch a ball up to Pat Tabler in the TV booth in the fourth deck.

After a handful of misses fell short — where balls crashed off the facing and dropped back to the field or into the stands — one of the Boston writers shouted, "Hey Butter! You need to hit the weight room!" Butter promptly turned and drilled a line drive into the pressbox, sending the writers into a frenzy to protect their computers. Nice. Butter went on to send a baseball into the GM’s box, and another into the FAN590 booth, where Jerry Howarth was egging him on.

This came a few days after Matt Stairs put on quite the show before Toronto’s game against the Yankees on Friday. A few kids in Sightlines restaurant in center field — the area above Windows restaurant — were yelling at Stairs, who was hitting balls off a tee near home plate, to hit one their way. Stairs took his tee out near the mound and began launching ball after ball toward the kids. He sent baseballs ricocheting off Windows and into the stands and even sent one bouncing about halfway up the jumbotron. Stairs finally got one in the restaurant, but it landed about 20 feet to the left of the kids, who then saw the ball bounce back out to the field. Ah, well. "A" for effort. ~JB


Boston (90-62) at Toronto (76-75)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineups:

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Mike Lowell, 3B
J.D. Drew, RF
Jason Varirek, C
Eric Hinske, 1B
Bobby Kielty, LF
Julio Lugo, SS

PITCHING: RHP Clay Buchholz (3-0, 1.50 ERA)

Vernon Wells, CF
Matt Stairs, 1B
Alex Rios, RF
Frank Thomas, DH
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
Adam Lind, LF
Russ Adams, 3B
Ray Olmedo, SS

PITCHING: RHP Jesse Litsch (5-9, 4.37 ERA)

NOTES: Toronto shortstop John McDonald insists that he didn’t ask for these last two games off because his new $3.8 million contract has gotten to his head. All kidding aside, McDonald is suffering from a hip flexor that is causing some discomfort when he runs. It doesn’t hurt when he hits or fields, so McDonald is available off the bench. Jays manager John Gibbons said Johnny Mac could get into the game on Wednesday. That’d be good news, considering Mac needs to appear in each of the last 11 games to qualify for the fielding precentage title at his position. Currently, L.A.’s Orlando Cabrera leads qualified American League shortstops with a .982 fielding percentage. McDonald needs to reach 108 games to have his .986 mark qualify. That would also tie Colorado’s Troy Tulowitski for the highest mark in the big leagues.

BREAKING EVEN…Toronto needs to post a 6-5 record over its final 11 games to finish the season above .500.


entering Wednesday
1. Boston 90-62 (–)
2. New York 87-64 (2.5)

entering Wednesday
1. New York 87-64 (–)
2. Detroit 83-69 (4.5)

entering Wednesday
1. Boston 90-62 (–)
2. Cleveland 89-62 (0.5)
2. Los Angeles 89-62 (0.5)
4. New York 87-64 (2.5)


I heard the Governor of Massachusetts has readied the national guard and will call them out if Boston looses tonight to deal with all the Sox maniacs.

In a discussion with a Boston Red Sox fan, the Boston Globe reporter made a statement to the fan-it’s just baseball, it’s not life or death.

At which point the fan went nuts and said are you crazy-it’s more important than that.

As a result of Boston’s latest loosing streak, 8 of the 10 candidates who applied for the job of President of RedSox nation resigned.

It’s currently unclear what happened to the other two, since they’re still missing


The governor of Mass. is Deval Patrick, a strong liberal. He couldn’t organize a field trip to the airport.

Remember gsumner fan is short for fanatic. Some folks get too carried away and they think it is life and death.

I love the game of baseball and you do as well obviously. To me it is great entertainment. Some folks watch sitcoms for there entertainment, I watch baseball and root for the Red Sox.

Who cares who is the president of Red Sox nation. Anoter person trying to cash in on the Red Sox, trying to make himself feel important. He doesn’t represent me that is for sure.

Sox need to avoid the sweep.


The guys are your blog site are **** near suicidal-they think it’s more important than life and death. Hey you guys had a chance in the 1st inning against a 22 yr old AA pitcher and you blew it.

Now worry, we’ll take care of the Yanks, look at what our rotation is going to be against them

i meant no worry

Last time they faced Listch they smoked him at Fenway.

His hometown is about 5 miles from where I live. A former batboy for the Devil Rays, he was a batboy when Crawford came up back in 2002.

Sox need this win bad!!!!

Yankees are right there and they could pass the Sox. Playoffs are a gurantee for sure but them playing well is the deal now. If they play well, they will win the division if not they will be a wild card.

Hey, I wish we were in the same position. Dtroti lost today, so you’re almost assured of the wild card.

Your kid has very little movement on his fastball, sooner or later our guys should get to him

It’s all about location and a great delivery.

I’m sure Bucholtz will go 7 innings tonight. He is going to be around for several years. He has a great changeup, perhaps the best for a righty in the majors.

his is ok, but the best changeup comes from Marcum

nice quick inning

Yanks 1 baltimore 0

nice time for a bunt

well thats a bit better than a bunt

I think Da kid is gonna pay for that walk Bosox

He is better than o.k. gsumner. If he was a Jay, you would say he is great!!!

Bucholtz is making his 3rd career start and his first apperance in almost 2 weeks.

Go ask Stairs about his changeup.

The Bucholtz rules!!!

What a joke!!!

Why start him if your not going to let him pitch.

These young arms now are being babied and I don’t think it is good but that is baseball in the 21st century.

It is all about the $$$$$$$.

Wonder what the going rate for a 3rd base ump is…lol….what a bogus call


So why pull him if hes so great. He only threw 68 pitches.

I want the sox to win the division but they need to earn it .
gs , they pulled him because Jays were going through the 3rd time and hitting him .

sorry gs , Bosox switched back to RS site because he knows that ump made a BS call. Adams didn’t lift his foot high enough to get his cleats off the bag . I know sox think it was right but umps need to get their eyes checked . If it was a fair call I have no problem but this one was very one sided. They need to keep that rivalry alive between Yanks and Sox ….its good for business

Pitch count….


It is the Bucholtz rules….

He is more valuable for 3 relief apperances than 1 start. Why start him?

Francona’s hands were tied tonight with Bucholtz. If the Sox had to play tomm night, I doubt if Bucholtz would have started becuase they would have to use there pen so much in 2 games. A night off tomm so it doesn’t matter if the Sox use 4 guys out of the pen tonight.

The last guy Bucholtz faced was Stairs and stuck him out again for the 3rd time. It had nothing to do with the situation, it had to do with the inning. 160 is the number, they do not want him to past that number for the year.

What a great play by Lowell and the ump stayed with the call.

Jays never argued and it happened right in front of them. Butterfield didn’t argue and neither did the baserunner. They knew it, a call you don’t see everyday.

Gibbons did argue but like i said no way was Adams out and you know it . His foot never was lifted high enough and if you watch replays neither Lowell or the Ump even looked at Adam’s foot . It was a BS call

The replay you can’t tell.

Whoever can see that is one amazing person. The camera angle isn’t good enough.

Butterfield was right there and he had no arguement and the runner didn’t as well.

Jays have a 1 run lead and with this lifeless lineup, it feels like it is more like a 5 run lead.

They replayed and stopped it several times, Adams cleats were always on the bag . Sox got a break . Like I said , I want sox to take the division but I want them to earn it fairly . Umping this year has been terrible and I mean for every team not just the jays

Lowell was watching him the entire play, a very nonchalant play by Lowell. A very smart player is Lowell, most if not all players would have given up.

West was looking, these Jays announcers were trying to say he wasn’t for some reason.

I don’t know how you guys can listen to these guys on a nightly basis.

Bring back Dan Shulman….

Bring back Tony Kubek….


Tito pulled him because we were starting to get to him-period. As you and I both know, you can’t get by in the bigs with a 91 MPH fastball if it has no movement. Sooner or later the guys sit on hit and belt him. Tito realized that and pulled him. Right call.

And don’t say anything about Stairs, he;s in a 1 for 25 slump.

I agree with you on the announcers-Jamie Campbell in particular-he’s awful.

Indigo-The umps have been told by the governor of Massachussets that the Sox have to win or he’ll have to declare a state emergency. lol

Lowell ws NOT looking at his feet and Adams didn’t lift his foot he slid it along . His cleats never left the bag . Lowell and the Ump were standing too close to even see . Blame the announcers……lol….. Like sox or any other teams announcers are any different. What team would want announcers who didn’t support them ? Like I said you guys got a very lucky call . If he had been out , I would have said great play by Lowell but not this time .

Another excellent outing by a Jays starter against the Sox.

The only reason the ump made that call was to get in the highlite reels,How in the H can he see under his foot.

bosox if you think that was a good call then I have lost any respect I had for you which was not a lot in the first place.


nice to see you back here and posting, girl. Be careful of Bosox, he’s a bit of a pervert. lol

Yanks 2 Baltimore 1

I can hear those butts getting tighter and tigher in Boston.

Of course Lowell was looking. If he wasn’t, how would he know what to do?

What does he have his eyes in his glove?

I’m not blaming the announcers. I say they are boring!!! What do they have to do with the game on the field?

The camera angle that the t.v. was showing wasn’t anything you could say whether he was safe or not. I go by Butterfield not arguing and Adams not doing anything as well. Nobody doing anything from the dugout as well, it happend right in front of them.

How could you say Lowell wasn’t looking? That is funny to me!!!

It happens at second base alot, you see all the time either the s.s. or 2b staying with the baserunner. Not too many times at 3b.

Come on Matty-you’re overdue to hit one

bosox will you quit your starting to sound like an idiot.

If that was a Sox player that was out, Francona would have ran out there and argued and I am sure there 3b coach as well. If it was Youklis, he might have tried to body slam the umpire.


Abner would, but he was snoozing at the time, give the guy a break would you. lol


I’m just trying to do my best impression of yourself on here!!!! LOL….

You taught me everything you don’t know……


Abner was asleep….He has the alarm set for 10:00 p.m.

you’re probably right

I read the girl comments but i don’t get jealous . Its a negative emotion that uses up too much good energy I can use elsewhere……
Exactly Adams didn’t know he was called out because he wasn’t out and I think Butter was in shock but Gibby did come out and argue …..too bad he isn’t more forceful. Lowell was looking at Adams but NOT at his feet . He saw him slide over but not lift his foot . Like i said have to keep that rivalry alive at all cost . Not sure what camera angle you saw but they sure made a point of zoning in on it here

Perhaps garryguy would wake up Abner when he rolled over next to him….LOL…


Drew goes deep!!!!!!

If your a coach, you better not be in shock!!!

Lowell was watching him the hole way….

I am watching the Jays feed and it wasn’t that good!!!

It was a very slow play and West was right there!!!

I just had my eyes checked so you can’t go there…….

It was the wrong call …sorry , you guys got a break

I think you should go back…lol…

I heard the guy that gave you the exam was blind? Any truth to the rumor? garryguy told me that!!!

Typical female always trying to get the last word…lol…

It was the right call….lol…

I guess I can understand after all you are a sox fan this year and the bogus call went your way.
I wonder who your team will be next year.

One more thing all of your quotes are written by someone else you spend the whole day reading what everyone else writes and claim it as your own and here I thought you were smart.

I am younger and see better than you obviously…lol……go get yours checked . Funny Baseball is one of the only sports that don’t use instant replay and they could sure use it . I don’t think umps would admit to making a mistake even then …


Ya gotta admit she got ya lad

You have no clue on how old I am. Typical female, assuming!!! lol…

Games are 3 hours old. Just what baseball needs is instant replay.

Tired of watching American umpires making decisions favouring american teams, two wrong decisions now Ian

Your the one that needed your eyes checked. Obviously not here!!!!

Eat your carrots and your all set in life!!! lol…

Typical male can’t admit a female might know something about sports and he keeps answering me so he gets the last word…lol….even if he is wrong

I totally agree about the American thing. Come on now!!!

If you don’t like, don’t watch it imackay!!!

Tell us more about Drew going DEEP and did it HURT.


I have my opinion and you have yours. All it is, opinion.

I don’t care if you know sports or not. You have your view and I have mine.

I am not wrong or right and neither are you.

Another scoreless inning for Boston!!! One team looks as if they’re playing for something ( Toronto ) while the Sox look like a team that has mailed it in.

I get my eyes checked regularly so I can see things and not make the mistakes the umps ( and certain posters ) do…


Keep it clean, we have a female here and she knows her sports, that is what she told me anyway.

Bosox-you lose-Indigo wins.

Pretty young ladies like Indigo always win-don’t you know that by now you old buzzard.


Why do you get your eyes checked regularly? I think that is very strange. You can see or you can’t. What is regularly?

I honestly want the Sox to take the division . I think a half game lead on Yanks to win it would be sweet….lol

You don’t know if she is hot or fugly gsumner.

If she looks like Ashley from Monday night, I will do the dishes!!! LOL…

I get them checked every 2 years like I am suppose to . I also go to the dentist regularly and cavities….lol…..

She looks better so watch your trap

Better do the dishes then Bosox…..though I am brunette not blonde..

I would like to see the Sox win as well but as of right now, not happening!!!

This team is folding like a tent!!!


And beg for her forgiveness

If your hotter than Ashley. Alot of folks will be doing the dishes, laundry and shoveling snow tomm…lol…

Man is Timlin amazing. He’s like a timex watch that goes on and on and on.

Indigo-the one he’s talking about was brunette as well so you’re good to go girl. lol


Are you trying to get on indigo’s side because you think you can date a fellow blogger.

I think that is against the rules gsumner. Prohibitted to dating fellow posters. Tell garryguy that, he keeps on hitting on me!!! lol…

Do you guys have your brooms out????

Never thought that would happen!!!


she is so beg her forgiveness troll. lol

Didn’t you see my first post-Home Depot sold out of brooms in Toronto today. There must be 35,000 brooms in the stands all starting to sweep.

And the MAssachusetts state governor just called out the national guard. lol


2 on-no outs

That governor wouldn’t even know how to use a phone.

You have Home Depot’s up there?

They sell shovels right?

Timlin is amazing, so amazing he looks like a hall of famer compared to Gagne.

I could steal a base off of Varitek!!

Now wasn’t that a nice bunt

The lady is to smart for you but I think she likes you poor girl,she sounds like a nice looking girl and she is having fun tonight good for her.

if Timlin walks zaun intentionally I think he will regret it.

Boston is getting desperate-bringing in papelbon in the 8th

I always liked Timlin but I want Lind to hit one off the restaurant

Yep we have Home Depot’s Walmart’s. Heck we even buy groceries on occasion-can you belive that? lol

Walmart has gone international. I never knew…

Boston gsumner is beyond desperate!!!!

Its too bad about Gagne , he has good stuff . Hopefully he will turn it around for the sox


If Indigo and I get married. You never know right. If the Sox can win the World Series anything can happen.

We will name our first kid

garry ( first name )

gsumner ( middle name )


Nancy for our favourite player ( like how I spelled favorite ? )

The games not over yet.

Gagne has a great changeup, when he throws it, the score is changed….


Indigo is a classy young lady, no way whe goes for an old goat like you. Come on already. lol


lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

call 911 in Massachusetts and ask for help

OMG married…. first you couldn’t handle me and secondly I don’t want to get married yet . Oh and third this isn’t jays dating site ………

I told you waling Zaun was a mistake

I think Russ Adams is trying to tell us he belongs up here next year.

Two nights in a row-he’s destroyed the S*U*K*S*

You can’t land a girl when you use the word married before the first date lol.

Wow…….payback . Way to go Adams

Boston site will be ugly….wonder if they will trash Papelbon like they did Gagne

And 38,747 brooms in the Rogers ceneter come alive and sweep those nasty S*U*K*S outta here.


Now they need to work to keep the half game lead

Accardo is back. Can you all belive we held Ortiz to 2 for 12 in this series. How good is that.

Final-Yanks 2 Baltimore 1

The Yanks are now only 1.5 back of the rapidly slumping S*U*K*S

Bosox-where are ya laddy? Should I call 911 in Tampa Bay for ya?

oooopsss I meant 1.5 . Maybe this is the team we will see next year . Leys hope all the injuries are over with besides is there anyone left to get injured…

Bosox,did Russ Adams no get his revenge in a big way,gotta like it,,Sweep!! Sweep!!

Sorry for yelling lol.

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but my vote for the utility infielder next year goes to Russ Adams.

Gary-Bosox won’t come back-he’s too embarrased.


No, this isn’t the team we see next year, remember we still have A.J. Ryan, Romero, Chacin and Glaus on the DL and Wells, Johnston and Overbea on the endangered list.

But, I think it’s plain to see, why Riccardi doesn’t want to make any major moves-just get everyone healthy-which I agree with.

It should be better than this.

Indigo remember no glaus or ovebay mcdonald and johnson.

Just came in on the news wire!

Walmart just announced they have raised the price of vaseline petroleum jelly in the state of Massachusetts because of a massive run on the product from Red Sox fans.

Can you believe that? Bosox where are ya?

I was referring to the fact they can play and swept the Sox with basically triple A players. Lets hope they carry the momentum into NY

I guess the Boston cheeks are getting a bit tight.


Our pitching, for the first time all season, is set up well against the Yanks with Halliday, Marcum, McGowan and Burnett going. I like our chances.

indigo.were with you.

I know the pitching is set up but i am hoping the bats arrive in NY . We all know they have been on “vacation ” a few times this year


You’re always with the ladies you old pervert you. lol

Did Bosox dump me already ……..told you he couldn’t handle me


Well, most of our bats are injured. But, it appears some of the youngsters like Lind and Adams are coming through when needed. And Frank, is focused on hitting 30 and driving in 100.

Don’t expect anything from Vernon, I think he’s hurting so bad he can’t hardly swing. And expect nothing from Overbea or Zaun. The guy we need for the Yanks series is Stairs-with that short right filed fence in Yankee stadium-I hope he comes out of his recent slump

I think Bosox just jumped from his trailer park home. lol

indigo,bosox will be back he has a big ego you can bet on it,and your safe from me I think your in your twentys and i’m 62 and happily married and fat lol.


I think Indigo is either 28 or 29 and drop dead gorgeous.

bosox where are you.

you may be right gsumner or she may be 80 and ugly but you can bet she is a nice person you can tell by the way she speaks.


Yes, she certainly is a nice person-which is why I state she’s drop dead gorgeous. Anyone nice is pretty(well except you,lol).

In one of her posts quite some time ago, she let out her age. It was either 28 or 29, I can’t remember.

So that’s why I say she’s 28 or 29 and drop dead gorgeous, now Indigo can tell me I’m full of it-that’s ok.

Bosox, did the ambulance arrive in time?

indigo is gsumner right if he is bosox will be back lol.

Adams didn’t lift his leg high enough for him to be called. If he did it was only for a split second and the ump couldn’t have seen it. What pissed me off was that cheap smirk he had going.

Adams is starting to look like he can be a pretty good utility man next year.

Great game though, it’s getting harder to see these guys go for the winter lol. Unfortunately i’ll have to get my hopes up for the leafs and unlike the jays my expectations aren’t high for them.

Anybody here join that beat the streak fantasy game ? if so how’d you do ? my best one was 10 games lol, I gave up after that was snapped.

This just in bosox gets blood tranfusion Adams donates

gsumner–garryguy–indigo ( you hot thing you )

Just got in from cleaning the trailer park. These dirty Canadiens that live here. You know the ones with the socks and sandles. lol…..

This game tonight doesn’t bother me because it was evident they weren’t into this game at all. Why start Bucholtz if he is only going to give you 69 pitches. The last guy he faced he struck out. I would rather see him coming out of the pen 3 times as opposed to 1 start. The Jays now go to N.Y. and the rookies will be dressed in drag. ( In other words they’ll be looking like gsumner and garrygay when they got married last summer ) lol….

Sox are off to this area, perhaps I’ll go down to there beach side hotel and wake there a–es up!!! Someone has to!!!

Time for me to clean the trailer park!!!! lol….

Adams looking like Babe Ruth the last 2 nights!!!

Only hope for the Red Sox was if Gibbons brought in that batting practice pitcher named Towers!!!


If it was for a split second, he is out.

It doesn’t matter anyway, the Jays broomed the Sox. Focus on that, be positive!!!

That was a good one bosox hey I didn’t know you were a trailor park boy lol.


Gsumner your buddy said I was at the trailer park, so I went with it.

so did I it was a joke.

you must have heard of the trailor park boys.


Hey we are saving Towers for New York, he’s starting a game.

Adamsd id look good the last couple of games didn’t he.I thin he’s saying I belong here next year. I agree.

I guess you’re tellingme I have to propose to Garry huh? lol

Hey Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry


Has the state of emergency been called in Massachusetts yet?

the answer is

You already proposed to garryguy. You guys are married from what I here.

Just what I read in the Toronto Globe and Mail.

Perhaps the worst sports section they say among major league cities. I here the paper’s sport section is very small. What is up with that?

Don’t get fooled by the play of Adams.

He is nothing but a utility player. Not a starter. He blasted that one off of Papelbon.

He hit Papelbon for a big hit last year at Fenway, in early May. I believe it was Papelbon’s first loss of the season last year. You might want to look that up, i’m not too sure. My memory is usally good. You like guys with good memory indigo????

I heard you do!!!! lol…

Great Towers vs N.Y.

Anybody walking near the N.J. state line look out for baseballs going your way, Towers is on the mound. That kid *****!!!!

by the way this is getting out of hand we need a girl on here indigo help.

Breaking news out of Boston, there have been 7 suicide attempts along the Tobin Bridge.

You know your a loser when you attempt suicide and FAIL!!!!

That must STINK!!!


Are you getting your beauty sleep? Did you take your pretty pills?

We need you here!!!!


We need a girl, that is why we have you here….ROFL….

my wife thinks you are sick bosox,what is ROFL.


Your wife, how did someone say I do to you? lol….






Tell your wife to root for the Red Sox!!!!

Time for me to clean the trailer park.

Someone just got home from jail, so a party was going on. Alot of beer cans, you know.

This is going to take forever tonight!!!!

Your wife reads what I write.


I assume she taught how to read. Did it take her long to teach you garryguy?


Go Jays, beat the Yankees!!!!

Shes not a baseball fan but says she is a canadian so she will root for the jays.

I will root for the angels in oct.

Why not the Red Sox garryguy?

If the Sox falter I would love to see the Indians!!!

They haven’t had a winner in a longgggggg time!!!!

Keep that Towers off the mound. He is nothing but batting practice!!!

I like Towers at least he trys and there are times when he can be good.

good night sox fan.

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