Russ Adams: Red Sox Killer

I can’t say I was all that surprised to see ol’ Russell come out on top in the eighth inning against Jonathan Papelbon here tonight. If you take a little stroll down memory lane, you’ll recall that it was Adams who ended the scoreless streak Pap carried into May last season.

The only downer on Wednesday night was the fact that John McDonald didn’t enter the game. He won’t be able to qualify for the fielding percentage title this year now, and he would’ve been tied for the MLB lead had he appeared in the final 11 games. I thought for sure he’d come in in the ninth with Toronto up, 6-1.

Even so, what a series for the Blue Jays, huh? A little late, but still quite the effort by the pitching staff over the past three days to sweep Boston. Dustin McGowan’s slider was unbelievable on Monday, A.J. Burnett’s curve was just plain sick on Tuesday and on Wednesday Litsch found that changeup he’s been missing. Combined, that trio went 3-0 with a 1.45 ERA.

I gotta say, I like the way Toronto’s rotation is stacking up. With Roy Halladay at the top, Burnett and McGowan both being solid No. 2 guys and Shaun Marcum a sound option behind them, that’s a tough group to match up against. I’m sure Toronto would take its chances with a Halladay-Burnett-McGowan lineup in a playoff series. Of course, there’s that whole reaching the playoffs thing…

The pitching should be fine next year, but maybe having us scribes write that is the kiss of death. Along with the team, it was us who — hey, understandably at the time — were pumping up the Jays offense going into this year. I’m not completely sold that this O can return to its 2006 form. I’ll believe it when I see it.  Injuries certainly played a role, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the wounded can all rebound in ’08.

To finish above .500, the Jays need to go just 5-5 down the stretch. The Yankees are rolling right now, so heading to the Bronx for a four-game set will be tough. Honestly, escaping with a split would be a success. Toronto should take two of three in Baltimore, and you would hope two of three against the Rays, so that’d be a 6-4 finish.

Would 83 wins make this season a success under the circumstances?

I’ll be flying out to New York tomorrow and I’ll be in Baltimore after that. I may even be bringing some postseason coverage to the blog come October. Stay tuned…


Hi Jordan.
I agree with your opinion of the Jays pitching staff.It’s refreshing to know that in this off season the Jays won’t have to overspend for a .500 pitcher to fill a hole.They might want to make a few minor pickups for insurance against injury.A healthy Wells,Overbay and Glaus would make a big improvement over this years offence.Even with those guys clicking,I think this club is missing A true leader who makes things happen when the offense is lacking.Every champion has always had that one guy who other teams feared when the game was close.He dosen’t have to be the best on the team.However he needs to be hardnosed,a sparkplug and a type of player who will not accept being mediocre.A guy who the veterans respect and the young guys look up to.This guy may already be here and just needs to step up,or they may need to go find him.I remember back in ’92 a Jays club,loaded with potential and talent but couldn’t get to the next level.Enter Dave Winfield, a guy whose presence in the clubhouse as well as onthe field gave this team the confidence to realize that potential.


Actually Marcum has been more than acceptable. His current record is 12-6 and frankly he had 5-6 no decisions in games he gave up less than 2 runs. If he had received any run support in those games he could be sitting at 15-6 an tied with Halliday for the team lead in wins.

Clearly, in his last few outings, he has shown fatigue, and I do not expect the same issue next year, when he’s more prepared to start.

In the 5th position we have a bit of a toss up between Chacin, Litsch, Janssen and or Wolfe. This competition for the 5th starter position shows how deep we are in starting pitching and either one would be a good option.

Combine the starters with an improvement in the pen with Ryan and Romero coming back and League being 100% and I think we should have the best pitching in the AL.

We have the best era in baseball since the break at 3.41, with Boston being the closest Al team at 4.02. I expect this will continue in 2008.

In addition going into 2008, we are set at ss and the utility player (Adams), which we weren’t this year. It looks like Wells, Overbea, Johnson and Zaun will likley end up 2007 as career worst BA’s; which will improve in 2008. I expect we’ll see a significant year from Wells, Glaus and Overbea next year and a bounce back to form from Johnson and Zaun.

I expect both Hill and Rios to continue as they are this year, and I expect we’ll see a similar number year from Thomas. On the downside, I do not expect Stairs to have the same year next year as in 2007, but we do have Lind as backup.

That should be enough to get us competing for the wild card. Whether we win it or not is (like every other year) going to be dependent on injuries and team management.

However we enter 2008 with significantly more depth than we had in entering 2007, so we should be able to withstand the injuries.

My concern for this team is the management and coaches, which is our achielles heel. I see a stand pat approach taken by Riccardi and Godfrey, who do not seem prepared to make the changes that need to be made.

That being the case, I do not see us making the playoffs next year.

This has been bugging me for weeks. Its OverBAY not overbea.

tomgaston: I’m glad I’m not the only ****-retentive one who was bugged by that….


My apologies for bugging you. Nice to see you post here, ope you come back soon and often.

Woops-that should be hope, not ope.


From reports on SI today, it appears Tony LaRussa is thinking of leaving St. Louis. The rumor is he’s talking to Seattle. Too bad he’s not talking to us.

He is exactly the medicine this team needs to get over the top.

I’ve decided that Russ Adams and gsumner have a lot in common: they’re both PUPPET-MASTERS!

Russ Adams is the puppet-master of delivering wins against the Red Sox, while gsumner is the puppet-master of enticing and directing conversation on this blog, i.e. winning this blog!

What do you folks think? Fair comparison, or am I just crazier than a wildcat?

And in other news: that’s all she wrote for Mr. Vernon Wells this season….


well I for know for sure you’re crazy. lol. I must admit, I do try to start things here to entice others to post, I don’t think that’s a bad thing and I certainly wouldn’t call it “winning this blog”. I do not try to “direct conversation at all, I just try to get folks to post.

I just think if we don’t post here, we will likely lose the opportunity. You are, I’m sure aware that not all clubs have their beat writter managing a blog like Jordon does here.

Thank you for the Vernon link-that is good news.

I will stick up for gsumner. Not that he needs me to.

He is on here every night rooting for his team. If there was more of you on here it would be great!!! He has his opinions just like we all do. He gives his observations and posts them on here. You might not agree all the time ( you shouldn’t of course ) but at least he has opinions.

I certainly don’t agree with him all the time and he doesn’t with me, that is the beauty of this here.

I hope the Jays come more alive this weekend vs N.Y.

Sox are taken on water and lots of it. They still have time to get the ship afloat but they better do it fast if not they’ll be watching the playoffs like a fan.

Only a ******* will point out spelling mistakes,what the h– does it matter we know what that person is trying to say.

Some nights 20 people will post only once why not keep up the chatter It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t know your opinion matters to us,so why don’t you people post more please.

gsumner is a great poster wrong or right he never quits,If you slam this team look out he will get on your case lol.

bosoxbrian is ok to but remember he is a Boston fan with no friends and I can’t tell if he is in love with indigo or hemgold lol.

Last night was a lot of fun indigo was on the sauce and we had a lot of fun ROFL.

Garry/Bosox-Thank you for the support. I just wish both of these guys would post more often.

Garry-you’re right about Bosox, I’m not sure if he’s after hemgold or Indigo either. Ya never know, he might be after both.

I know Indigo can take care of herself, but I don’t know about hemgold. lol

Hmmm. Once again, it seems as if I’ve been misunderstood. I, for one, would love to be called a puppet-master. Puppets are awesome. Masters are awesome. Puppet + Master = TOTALLY AWESOME.

More than anything, I just wanted to point out that Russ Adams is my new personal hero. I’d like to mold a life-size, chocolate version of him. Then I would eat that chocolate Russ Adams so I could say I have a little bit of Russ Adams inside of me. And then I would shed a tear.


I have nothing against gsumner. He tickles me pink. I think he’s cuter than a button. If he continues in his blogginess, I’ll make a chocolate version of him as well.

sauce??? I hope you meant bbq sauce… I had to work today so no drinking allowed . I can see you boys are at it again .You guys need to get along so I don’t have to come here and straighten you out
I for one , am glad they finally shut Wells down . He grimaced everytime he moved his left shoulder . I know he claims he can’t do anymore damage but he isn’t doing himself or this team any good by abusing his shoulder. Thank you for the info Hem

ok hem , now that is just twisted……lol

Sumner completely agree with most of what you said in response to Jordan. About the only thing i’d dispute is whether Marcum will be as good next year. Can you really expect the same type of numbers ? I’m confident that Burnett, Halladay (probably improves his win total next year) and Dustin can perform well, but i’m not sold that Marcum can sustain the same success next season. Hope he proves me wrong though.

I think with conditioning to be a starter , Marcum will do well . He has said he is going to work with Doc in the off season so he atleast is on the right track


I agree with Indigo, man is that twisted. Just remember, we do get kids on here.


I agree with Indigo on the conditioning with Marcum. My real concern is, it doesn’t appear to be part of the Jays mandate-to set up specific conditioning programs for each player.

That became quite clear in Arnsberg’s interview regarding Marcum. I find it difficult to believe we are probably the only team in baseball and maybe professional sport that DOES NOT DO THAT.


I do think you have to be on here very night and referee what goes on.

Right Garry!

I am going to hit the “sauce” right now . I think it will be pasta sauce tonight . Take care , maybe see you later

Marcum will come back stronger next year you have to remember he never new how good he was himself until he was forced into a starters role,I don’t think he had a very good work ethic but now that will change.

It’s good to see more posters on a night off for the jays.

I feel better about this team now that they are shutting down players that need to go to the repair shop.

To bad about j mac missed one game he had to play in no gold glove shot,

Sorry indigo about the sauce lol.

Indigo-comeback soon and bring some sauce. lol

gsumner: You silly goose — that’s nothing compared to some of the language I’ve seen you use in some of your posts earlier in the summer. You’re a regular sailor sometimes! I wouldn’t let my son anywhere near this blog in July and August….

But in other news: Marcum is definitely a question mark. He’s a corner nibbler who relies heavily on control and those kind of pitchers can often get smoked, especially in the A.L.

I dunno — I wish him all the best and I hope he comes out strong next year….


If you read the Jays PR on the issue, JM said he could likely go yesterday but it made sense to rest until tommorrow. I’m surprised he didn’t come in for the 9th-that’s all he needed-a 1 inning appearance. that is an outright lie. I do not and never have used language of color here-ever. So I’d appreciate a retraction of your statement.

Way to go hemi.

I meant that sarcastically by the way lol.

Oh, gsumner, no need to get your knickers in a knot. Once again I’m exaggerating — although there was a point when you were using certain acronyms that I had to explain to my son. It really wasn’t a big deal — if anything, it was pretty funny.

But, no, of course you’re not some foul-mouthed sailor. You are a prince among men!

You’re stil lying and that is not a retraction-I still expect one.

Why don’t you bring your son and and explain the post you made here tonight concerning Adams. Now that needs an explanation.

This is a site to talk about baseball and The Toronto Blue Jays. If you want to make posts like the one you made on Adams go find a web site for sexual deviates or Gays.

Like bugs bunny says.



can you believe this guy?

Examples: 9:05PM, 9:07PM, 11:58PM, 12:01AM.

But once again, not a big deal — I’m just joking around and my son was just curious. And the chocolate thing? Come on, my friend, I meant nothing “sexual” by that….

Please do not call me your friend. You’re hilarious, I make no apologies for the posts of those day, I defended the Jays.

It appears to me, you’re more focused on attacking me, versus posting anything on the Jays. So be it.

Oh-your post wasn’t sexual, lol, I have asked someone else to review that and make that decision.

hemgold we know your not *** okay.

I went through that blog what did gsumner say that was so bad????.


If he’s not then he shouldn’t be posting as if he is. He can take that **** somewhere else

What do you think of adams pretty cool huh.

Do you think we have a chance against the yanks.

As for Stairs he will not be back to many teams will want him.

hem ,
I was teasing about your “chocolate” Adams being twisted , I did find it kind of funny . Maybe I better checkout Adams stats….lol

Stop arguing you guys , life is way too short


I’m impressed with Adams, he certainly is a better altrenative than some of the other utility guys we’ve tried recently. I hope he makes it.

Our starters are set as good as can be done for The Yank series, and we have a fully rested bullpen. But, I just don’t know who’s going to drive in the runs. I’m hoping we can split the series.

If we do bring Stairs back, it should be on our terms, not his-money aside. I’d be concerned if we committed a large number of bats to him. I think he’s had a career year and it goes down form here.

I’m also concerned about what it does to Lind, who I think needs to be up here to improve. With Travis Snider likely two years away, if we don’t keep Lind up here, he might get lost in the shuffle.


I don’t enjoy arguing, but I will always respond to a personal attack, if it’s uncalled for. EOM

I don’t know if any of you have seen this but I thought you might find it interesting

Unfortunately we don’t get the inflection of a voice with typed words so things get misunderstood . I think we are all here for the same reason , to support the Jays .
gs…here is your “sauce”…its marinara….lol


I’ve been on that site a lot but never saw the msuic before-thank you. Have you visited Greg Zaun’s web site-he has some cool music there. its at

hey that’s one of my favorite sauces. Did you make it?

yes I make it and no I am not Italian incase you are wondering. I haven’t been to Zaun’s site for awhile , thanks for reminding me

I don’t believe the Mets. They score 4 in the top of the 9th to go ahead 7 to 4 and then let Florida score 3 in the bottom of the 9th to tie it.

The Phillies won today so if they lose they will be 1.5 back.

Well, you don’t have to be Italian to make great Italian dishes-no offence to anyone Italian.

Florida score in the bottom of the 10th and The Mets lose again. I’m not sure who is on a bigger slide-Boston or the Mets.

bummer……they have been bad lately

yes, they have and the Phillies are charging, just like the Yanks are charging at Boston

gsumner and indigo sounds good to me.

I don’t like arguing. I’m a lover, not a fighter. And, no, that doesn’t make me a “sexual deviant”.

Jokes? Gags? Giggles?

gsumner drop dead old you have to say hottie.

hem-then lay off the personal attacks and we’re all fine

I am off to bed . Take care and see you later..night


Calling a lady a hottie is an insult-unless it’s done in private. lol

Take care Indigo

Done deal, daddy-o! I’ll leave the personal attacks to sharks, bears, and other natural predators. I sure hate it when we bicker like schoolgirls….

Boston is lucky we are playing well look out new york.


Garry-ya but we need run’s. As good as our pitching is, NY’s lineup is really strong and they will score runs.

hemgolds into the vodka again lol.

I think all Boston fans are still in shock about how we swept them.

They had no clue how good our pitching is. Well except maybe Bosox.

every time we talk about indigo she takes off must be shy.

Vodka is not a bad thing. lol

I think we have the bats to do the job.

Well what do you expect when you call her a hottie, she can see your slobering Saskatchewan mouth all the way in Toronto.


More seriously it’s likely because its 11.16 here

I hope you’re right-if the bats perform we should split or maybe take 3. If they don’t we’ll struggle to win 1.

What’s your prediciton Hem?

I’d love to see the Jays take the series against the Yankees. They’ve shown Toronto up too many times this year. The season might be over, but they could at least go out with a bang.

I agree. I tell you what, next year when Boston comes in here, they will have a bit more respect for us than they did this year.

It’d be nice to send that same message to the Yanks, and wack them.

Thats okay my wife is wiping my slobering mouth for me ouch let go of my ear lol.


All right you crazy blogging cats, I’ve gots to get going.

Enjoy your evenings. I hope we never fight again. It twists my stomach up inside!

some players who are filling in for the walking wounded have something to prove so I think we will do okay.

hem what brand of vodka are you drinking.

Well, the good news is we go against Wang tommorrow night. Last time we hammered him, scored 8 times in the first 2.2 innings. If we do that tommorrow night with Doc pitching, I like our chances.

Hem-good night.

see you later hem and indigo.

Ya, I’m outta here as well. See you tommorrow night.

I like our chances to.

so long gsumner.

Goodnight — I will pray for both of your good healths tonight.

Looks like JP Riccardi is not Larry Dobrow’s favorite person.

This comes as a surprise to you ?……. I read the article and I am sure he left out many other teams/players, he can only use up so much space. I think if you look hard enough you can find fault with every team. I have to agree with him , I think Riccardi needs to be “updated”

indigo What a beautiful turn of phrase ,If JP got updated we could update Abner also.Both need to be removed from the blue jays system.


Clearly, Riccardi has blown his credibility with the press and numerous fans over the BJ Ryan issue.

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