Game #153: Jays at Yanks pregame

Toronto (77-75) at New York (88-64)
at 7:05 p.m. ET at Yankee Stadium

Today’s lineups:

Reed Johnson, RF
Matt Stairs, 1B
Alex Rios, RF
Frank Thomas, DH
Aaron Hill, 2B
Russ Adams, 3B
Gregg Zaun, C
Adam Lind, LF
Ray Olmedo, SS

PITCHING: RHP Roy Haladay (15-7, 3.82 ERA)

Johnny Damon, LF
Derek Jeter, SS
Bobby Abreu, RF
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Hideki Matsui, DH
Jorge Posada, C
Robinson Cano, 2B
Doug Mientkiewicz, 1B
Melky Cabrera, CF

PITCHING: RHP Chien-Ming Wang (18-7, 3.82 ERA)

NOTES: Toronto called up INF Joe Inglett to have an extra man on the bench. He can help out if needed around the infield and in the outfield. The Jays could use an additional player, considering 1B Lyle Overbay isn’t starting and 3B Troy Glaus and CF Vernon Wells have been shelved for the year. Inglett was claimed off waivers from the Indians on Sept. 14. … SS John McDonald is still out with a sore left hip flexor.

BREAKING EVEN…Toronto needs to post a 5-5 record over its final 10 games to finish the season above .500.


entering Friday
1. Boston 90-63 (–)
2. New York 88-64 (1.5)

entering Friday
1. New York 88-64 (–)
2. Detroit 83-70 (5.5)

entering Friday
1. Los Angeles 91-62 (–)
2. Cleveland 90-62 (0.5)
3. Boston 90-63 (1)
4. New York 88-64 (2.5)


nah just playing, keep up the good work Jordo, I think you do an awesome job on the site and i hope that you get to work some playoffs, so we get to read your columns on that too.

I see JM isn’t playing tonight, I guess he’s hurting more than we were told or all thought. We need a big game from Stairs tonight in order to have a chance to win.


Good luck in your game with Tampa tonight.


By the way it’s Jordon, not Jordo. I find it really irritating when you spell his name wrong.

GOOOOOOO Jayssssssss….now i am going to eat . Wonder what “sauce” I can get into tonight ……. Maybe see you later . Take care all


no comment-lol

Good one, except for the fact that his name is JordAn not JordOn…

True, it is Jordan. One other point; do you realize when you hit your caps lock you write everthing in capital letters. Capital letters on the web stand for shouting-did you know that.

Didn’t think so-but please refrain from using them again-thank you


Where are you man, is your wife keeping you off here tonight? lol

Second time Zaun has a chance to put us ahead-let’s hope he performs.

The team that gets a home run wins.


Is this fight nite again.

indigo sorry about the sauce remark.

Hey bosox where are you we have no one to insult lol.

i think it’s going to take more that one HR. No fight night-just Make it right night

game over.

The Jays didn’t blow it but Zaun did twice so far.

good one gsumner.

pat tabler should be a yankee.

WOW did you see that my god.

No, it’s not game over-we have the Dr. in the house-trust and be patient.

Pat Table was a Yankee and likely still is

I meant Tabler-Tom Gaston, before you respond. lol

come on guys-let’s take Ho Chi Mien outta here. lol

Boston 3-Tampa Bay 1

But, Beckett’s already thrown 77 pitches in 3 innings-so it ain’t over yet.

everbody is trying to hit it out just hit the d ball,did I spell the d right tomgo lol.


Ya have to come back and tell us what sauce you made tonight. BOth Garry and I are hungry. lol

Man do we have the good Dr. tonight.

now the doc must perform.

indigo I bet the sauce was sweet not sour lol by bosox.

Lordy lordy, you folks certainly like your sauces.

And man oh man, am I the only one who wishes he could hear the conversation at first between Stairs and A-Rod?

I bet they talk about pudding and how delicious it is.

I’d like to hear that conversation as well. Id on’t think Stairs was complementary. lol

If they talk about food I’m in.

I doubt they talked about pudding. lol


Come on guys-get one more run and make it a successfull home visit by the Dr.

Thank you Alex Rios

Like I said the first home run wins lol.

Bosox-where are you-we’re saying your butt tonight and you can’t even stop by and say hello.

Now that’s bad…..


You’re right as always. What a time for one. Good for Rios.


I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to look for a sauce.

Indigo where are ya?

bosox is with indigo lol.

Maybe bosox is cleaning the trailor

Now we need 6 outs, and the good Dr. has only thrown 82 pitches, so I think he’s in till the end

1 out

gsumner rye or vodka.

hey hemgold sober tonight lol.

2 out

Garry_ I like both whatcha serving?

3 outs-I think the good Dr. smells the finish line. No one takes it home better.

3 more in the 9th to come.

thegarry: I’m only high on life.

And graham crackers.

nouthing tonight.

hey you sound like the count on sesame street ahahaha.

Garry-do you watch Sesame Street? Amazing!!!!!

Hey Graham crakers are good. lol

I’ve been told I bear a striking resemblance to the Count. I think that means I’m incredibly handsome.

graham crackers are good yum yum.

hem lol lol lol lol

Halliday at 90 pitches-should easily finish.

Here we go bottom of the 9th

no more crackers for me I’m on a diet I’m down to half a steer a day.

That’s what I get for letting the Jays fill out my blog’s lineup card tonight. KIDDING. Also, I don’t care if anyone refers to me as “Jordo” — some of my friends do. JB works, too. Or, if you want to go all baseballish about it, just call me by my last name. Third-base coach Brian Butterfield calls me “Jordy.” What’re you gonna do?

Anyone else see Rios almost get beaned by a ball thrown by a fan during his home run trot?

That’s pretty low class….

I was thinking “Jordanator”….

Or maybe the “Jordster”….

Or maybe “Lord Jordan: Gentleman Amongst Scholars.”

I bet you don’t want us to play with your last name Bast— ROFLOL.

Come on Dr. shut them down


That was a big mistake.

I’ve got faith in Acey McAce — he’ll get Posada here….

Man oh man! Aaron Hill, you’re breaking my already fragile heart!


what happened. I left for 15 minutes and we’re tied

Halliday is a fool for staying with this team.
Why the H did Abner leave him in after the first visit fire that goof and JP the other goof.

Halliday was right to stay in after the Detroit fiasco. We only needed 1 out . The umps won’t give it to it the jays. They have not be fair in calling all night . Right now Janssen is getting treated to their biased calls. Like I said before , they want Boston and NY close…..its good for business and we can’t forget baseball is a business

np about the sauce comment . I found it amusing since I rarely drink


So what kind of sauce did you make tonight?

Furious late-inning rewrites are not cool — NOT cool. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Great night for Doc otherwise.

A great night-only if we win; I don’t think the Doc considers it a great night any other way.

Would you consider gravy as sauce……..I might have to take up drinking with this game.
Jordan you do a great job and I want to thank you before the year is finished and I forget . Happens at my age…

Thanks, Indigo. I do hop on here from time to time to check out the comments and it’s nice to see the blog growing since it started with basically me talking to myself last year. This offseason, I’ll obviously steer away from the formatted entries and do more commentary. Keep up the convos. And I have to give a shout out to Bosox — the blog has been quite lively since you joined the mix. Instigators are always welcome (not that Bosox alone fits the bill there from time to time).

Now that Bonds will be a free agent next year , I wonder if Riccardi will sign him … (rolling my eyes here)

Also, in case anyone didn’t catch it, i stopped by the studios here in New York last night and made an appearance on the ol’ Under the Lights show. I believe there’s a link on the jays home page. JB out…

The nice thing about talking to yourself is you can get the answers you want to hear …lol


Given me a compliment I think. lol….

Michigan State will lose tomm. sorry to say.

Notre Dame 24

Michigan State 23



If you argue with yourself, that is the problem, just ask gsumner…lol…just kidding…

With Chamberlain pitching tonight for 2 innings. At the earliest he will not pitch until Monday. How pathetic is that rule!!!!

Jays win and it will happen around 12:20 a.m.

How great would that be????

Beckett won the Cy Young with his 20th win tonight.

I think Bonds could end up with one of the following teams.

Mariners, Angels, Nationals, Orioles, Padres.

If I would guess I would say Angels!!!

I don’t argue with myself , its Jordan that talks to himself….lol… I have workers I can argue with .
Congrats on your win tonight, Bosox

I’m watchin babel the game is not worth it.
bonds will go to the mariners.

Jordan may be on the sauce lol.

good to see you here jordan this blog is great a lot of nice people here and then there is bosox lol.

I’m glad they won. Talking about a team that was desperate for a win.

With Beckett on the hill, I felt like they would win.

Kazmir either shuts down the Sox or is so so against them. Alot of baserunners tonight for Boston against Kazmir, the score could have been higher.

Halladay pitched a gem, no surprise there. I saw where the Jays were winning 4-0 in the 9th but all of a sudden it was in the 10th. I was like you have to be kidding me. Yankees never say die, that speaks volumes of the character of that team.

Jays bats have been silented here in extra innings.

Rios os Thomas will win it with a homer. Here’s hoping!!!

You’re probably right about Bonds. I would think he will want to stay on the west coast .
I have the TV on and gameday , is it just me or is the strike zone all over the place ?

Homeplate umpires have been all over the place all year but then again that is the case every year.

If the Jays didn’t have Thomas signed for next year I could see a scenario where the Jays would go after Bonds. With Thomas signed for next year, I don’t see it happening.

I would think Bonds would go to a contender on the left coast, that is why I say the Angels.

What would happen if the Mariners went after Dusty Baker, Bonds’ old manager.

That could change it I guess.

I think there is a chance that Bonds replacement could be Manny Ramirez. Just a hunch!!!!

Don’t forget I just had my eyes checked and I am only in my 20s ( yes gs you are right ) so no negative comments about my sight .
I was joking about signing Bonds….like we need another “seasoned” player , to put it nicely.

Start eating your carrots like I do. It can only help there Helen Keller!!!! lol…

I don’t think many fans would be too high on Bonds coming to there team. You can rule out Boston, not too long ago he said Boston is a racist city. Even though his kid went to school in the area. I certainly wouldn’t want Boston to go after Bonds. That guy is nothing but a freaking headache!!!! I wish he would retire but with all that $$$$ out there for him, why retire.

I wonder what kind of contract would he get. I would assume a 2 year deal.

Jeter with a leadoff single.

That guy always starts it. Clutch, clutch!!!

I would assume a 1 year deal for Bonds.

Why would you give him a 2 year deal.

Would Bonds do a Clemens type of deal?

Join a team during the season.

That would be interesting.

Joe Kennedy? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Yikes…..why not let Wolfe keep going. What a twit

I’m also feeling the Bonds with the Angels scenario — I don’t see any N.L. teams wanting to have him screwing around in the outfield anymore….

I would rather have gsumner or garryugy pitch than Joe Kennedy.

Is Dennis Lamp available?

Kennedy is such a dud — I have no idea what the Jays are trying to do with him. I understand giving him some innings in the minors, but he has not looked good for ANY big league team this year.

Bosox, really? You’re taking a team with no offensive touchdowns over the allpowerful, undefeated, mean Green Machine from East Lansing? Ha…OK, who am i kidding? MSU should win, but they always have a knack of playing down to poor opponents, and ND always plays them tough as it is. I say MSU 24, ND 17 …

and yeah, Kennedy? Really? This is the guy you want on the mound with the game on the line? [Sigh] Maybe it’ll end my night a littler sooner anyway…

You don’t even have to throw Molina a strike to get him out. He is a hacker!!!

Well, isn’t my face red — Kennedy gets the job done!

(Albeit, Molina’s no Babe Ruth. Or even Royce Clayton for that matter.)

Ok , who gagged gs and garry ?

This game is getting REAL sloppy.

Why football the bloody game is on the line oh it’s your blog.

Notre Dame is poor.

Michigan State has beaten who?

U.A.B., Pitt and gsumner and garryguy. LOL….

Not too impressed.

Notre Dame is a huge underdog and they have NEVER started the year at 0-4.

Last year Michigan State should have won but a great comeback ( Notre Dame ) or meltdown ( Michigan State ) in the rain.

I don’t like Notre Dame but they will win.

You heard it here first Les Miles ( Michigan alum ) will be roaming the sidelines at Michigan Stadium next year and years to come. Worst thing ever happened to Ohio State was Michigan losing to App. State. Lloyd Carr will be hanging out with Gary Moeller.

Your old coach Saban is doing a monster job at Bama. He built L.S.U. into a power and Bama will be there very soon.


It sure is hem. Lets see who comes out next inning for the jays … Towers? Talet? or Frasor?


wb garry . I thought maybe I poisoned you with that sauce i sent over…


Darren Flutie just got in to the C.F.L. hall of fame.

That was the best when the C.F.L. had teams in the U.S. playing!!!

Las Vegas, Baltimore and some others I believe!!!


INDIGO bosox is in his 50s.

I’m not in my 50’s….


I can’t believe you once pitched to Babe Ruth….

What did you throw him?

lol…thats ok I am not looking for a date plus it just means my eyes are so much better than his…….lol..

My eyes are great.

I just watched Beckett win the Cy Young. Sabathia has pitched well this year but not good enough.

With these wonderful eyes, I just watched the great Joe Kennedy pitch!!!

With these great eyes as well, I might watch the Spartans ( sorry Jordan ) lose to Notre Dame on N.B.C.

Notre Dame




Move over Russ Adams — I’ve got a new hero and it’s a catcher with an awesome intro to his website!

Is that Shelly Duncan or Shane Spencer?

Spencer was the next great back in 1998. A few years later, nobody knows where he is. Another Yankee prospect that failed!!!

Duncan like his brother, either a strikeout or H.R.

Joe Kennedy is apparently a man of miracles….now if only Frasor can close this bad boy out….

Beitimet, a bust with the Yankees. He gets about as much playing time as I do. i can go to bed . .night all and take care

I think the umpire just gave the Jays a very charitable call….he wanted to get out of there as much as everyone else.

But who cares! A win’s a win, especially against the Evil Empire….

Adios, friends. Have a great night!

The Doc got the shaft tonight bummer.

Gotta Love those Jays!!!!

What a game. I go out for 15-20 minutes with the Jays leading 4-0, come back and the game is tired.

It did not look good for our guys winning at that stage with all that mo in The Yanks favor so after watching the 10th I pack it in.

What a great surprise to see we won in the 14th. I see our pen kept them scorelsess for 5 innings-now that is an achievement.

It also looks like the Yanks fully used their pen, so Jaba doesnt go today.

It will be a tough game today, but if we manage to win, I think we mightt see a little panic in Suday’s game.

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