Brantley to be let go

Check out today’s National Post, where John Lott writes that Blue Jays hitting coach Mickey Brantley has already been informed by manager John Gibbons that he will not have his contract renewed after the season. Can’t say this was a big surprise at all. The writing has been on the wall for some time. I wrote back in August that Brantley hadn’t received any reassurance from the Jays staff, and he told me back then that he kind of expected this news to come. While Lott got the scoop, the rest of us Toronto scribes will be following it up today here in Baltimore.



    Definitely not a surprise. And if Gibbons’ isn’t winning by the All-Star break next year, he and the rest of the staff will be looking for new jobs, too.


    I find it pathetic that the management of the blue jays hang the underachiement of this years team on the hitting coach, especially after the success of last year. I think it’s about time that they start to look at the GM and Manager and at some of the moves that they have made over their tenure and hold them accountable. Really feel badly for Brantley.



    What happened with the Toronto writers? Some guy from the D.C. area scooped you guys.

    Perhaps you were too busy paying attention to Michigan State’s 4-0 start. lol….

    Just kidding….

    When the team struggles like they have, the hitting coach is the one to go. Any names for his replacement?

    I will throw one out there. How about Ron ” Papa Jack ” Jackson. He was great as Boston’s hitting coach and a mystery to this day why he was not back as Red Sox hitting coach.

    Could Cito Gaston be back as Toronto’s hitting coach?

    Whoever it is has alot of talent to work with and can look good next year for sure.


    I thought the guy was from the post in D.C.

    I must be sleeping here tonight.

    Watching Lester pitch will make you do that.


    It is really unfortunate that someone has to lose their job over unforseen circumstances such as injuries. I also find that the whole situation of firing Mickey unprofessional. Where is Riccardi and why is he not commenting? The Blue Jays organization main focus should be upper management changes for next year. Mickey did the best job he could with what he had to work with. The Blue Jays let go of a good one.

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