Game #158: Jays at O's pregame

Toronto (80-77) at Baltimore (67-90)
at 7:05 p.m. ET at Camden Yards

Today’s lineups:

Reed Johnson, RF
Matt Stairs, 1B
Alex Rios, CF
Frank Thomas, DH
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
Adam Lind, LF
Russ Adams, 3B
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Roy Halladay (15-7, 3.71 ERA)

Brian Roberts, 2B
Melvin Mora, DH
Nick Markakis, RF
Miguel Tejada, SS
Kevin Millar, 1B
Ramon Hernandez, C
Scott Moore, 3B
Jay Payton, LF
Tike Redman, CF

PITCHING: RHP Victor Zambrano (0-2, 6.41 ERA)

NOTES: Hitting coach Mickey Brantley discussed his upcoming departure from the Jays today. He was informed during the club’s last homestand that he would not be returning as the Jays hitting coach in ’08. Manager John Gibbons and GM J.P. Ricciardi declined comment, which sort of says it all, doesn’t it? … I also talked to Johnson about the club’s noncommittal stance on his future with the team. Check the Jays notebook online later for that. … McDonald is set to undergo surgery to correct his sports hernia on Tuesday in Philadelphia.

BREAKING EVEN…Toronto needs to post a 2-3 record over its final five games to finish the season above .500.


entering Wednesday
1. Boston 93-64 (–)
2. New York 90-67 (3)

entering Wednesday
1. New York 90-67 (–)
2. Detroit 86-72 (4.5)

entering Wednesday
1. Cleveland 93-63 (–)
2. Boston 93-64 (0.5)
2. Los Angeles 92-66 (2)
4. New York 90-67 (3.5)



    I have heard that before, never had one before.

    Donovan McNabb had a sports hernia back in 2005.

    I think it is funny when they call it a sports hernia.



    I really think the upper management of this club should have a session with Ted Rogers about how to deal with the press, because clearly they don’t know how. Godfrey has never known, of course Godfrey has never known a lot about anything so that’s not a surprise.

    Continually, they keep messing up. They have The National Post release a story that Mickey isn’t being resigned-how stupid is that-I mean who in **** ever reads The Post and why are they the guys releasing the story.

    How does that make Mickey and any other coach or employee feel about working for us feel?

    Is that a valid question?

    This isn’t the first issue. Remember Ryan having a back problem and then JP tells the press-of course I lied, but I knew the truth.

    Do they not understand they live and die by the press.

    Ted Rogers, You’d better set these idiots on the right track and do it soon before they hurt a great franchise.

    These guys are a joke.



    Since you are the guy who convinced Abner to start Banks tommorrow, I think it’s only fair that you manage the team for the game.


    So, I’m at work today and about 12:30 decide to go for lunch.

    I wasn’t that hungry so I decided to just grap a hot-dog and coke from the street vendor on the corner.

    So I take the elevator downstairs and walk up Jarvis along the side of the campus (the Rogers Inc Campus) and who do I see standing beside an expensive car talking on his cellphone?

    . . .

    Uncle Ted!!

    But, I didn’t have the heart to stop and tell the old guy that his team *****.

    Oh well, maybe next time.

  5. Jordan

    Just so you aren’t misled about the media’s role, we aren’t typically handpicked by the Blue Jays to “release” news. John Lott of the National Post got the story because he asked Brantley, who was more than willing to open up about the news. The team has yet to announce anything on the matter. It’s sort of like the Vernon Wells injury in August. I didn’t report that because the team wanted me to. I reported it because I obtained the information from Wells and Brantley. There are some occasions when the team might play favorites with a certain publication or writer, but this Brantley situation wasn’t one of them. You have to give credit to the writer for breaking the news.



    Believe me, I have had enough dealings with the press to understand exactly how they work. The issue here is clearly, the Jays do not understand. I give full marks to John Lott from The Post-he’s obviously a good reporter.

    The point is, once the Jays talked to Mickey, they should have realized the story would break, and they should have been the ones breaking the story. That is the professional way of doing things.

    Instead they sat on their hands, said nothing and waited for a good reporter to dig up the news and make them look like the idiots they are.

    That is my point.



    Maybe the Jyas hould hire you to deal with press relations-because who ever has that job isnt doing it well or properly.


    Wow are the Orioles bad. They in the times of Cal Ripken they were amazing to watch, and now their like the Pirates of the american league. Hope they can spin Tejada into some decent pitching.

    It’s to bad to see Mickey go, if he had anything to do with making Aaron Hill a better hitter, which i think he did, i think he’s done a very admirable job. It’s too bad they felt like someone had to take the fall for this season.


    Mickey Brantley should go what has he done for Toronto,
    The team only hit 284 last year.

    This year Hill became a great hitter.

    How about matt stairs great year for him.

    Over half the players on the DL this year.

    Brantley is a great hitting coach who did a great job in Toronto.

    I hope he finds a team who can see and understand his value.

    Good luck Mickey.

    JP you are a jack **** the man who should be leaving is your best and only friend Gibbons.

    It’s to bad rogers can’t see beond the gate money or you would be gone too.


    JP is again showing us why he shouldn,t be a GM.You can’t fault Brantley for the offensive drop this year when the big hitters were hurt most of the season.He done a great job with those who were healthy.With Glaus,Wells,Johnson,Zaun and Overbay either out or hurting the whole offensive approach should have been changed.Playing small-ball and scratching out runs was in order.That should have been the manager’s job.Brantley is the scape goat for management’s impotence!


    Johnson Comments

    I like how Reed Johnson has responded to the Jays lack of confirming him as a regular for next year. A lot of guys would whine, say trade me and pout.

    Reed has taken it as a challenge and promises to work harder in the off season to prove he belongs in the “elite lead-off hitter” group.

    I for one, believe he will come back and be very effective. Will he hit .319 and have an obp of .390 in 2008-probably not. But I do think he can hit .300 with an OBP of .340-.350.

    Reed can bunt, has reasonable speed, is prepared to hang in there and get hit, can hit to all fields and plays exeptional defense.

    Reed is driven to perform in 2008-I hope all of our hitters come back with the same drive and passion.

    No one else has performed in that lead off role all year-why I dunno. But Reed relishes the role and I for one hope we don’t trade him in the off season.


    If Reed Johnson is healthy, the Jays are nuts to get rid of him. I love players like him. I wish he was in a Boston uniform. Not afraid to take one for the team and plays the game hard and all out. You will never see Johnson take a play off, that is not his style. I’m sure he is one of the more respected guys in that clubhouse. A fan favorite in Toronto for sure. He plays the game the right way and you have to respect a guy for that. As we all know some athletes loaf and take games off. Johnson is a total hustle guy.



    I’m a Lugo guy.

    Drew has been hitting well lately, driving the ball more. His contract though is just terrible. 14 million per year and he isn’t even a run producer. Guys that make that kind of money should be changing games and carry the team on his back for a week or so.

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