Thrown Under the Bus

CLEVELAND — There’s always something with the Yankees. When the Bombers arrived at Jacobs Field this afternoon, first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz had quite the run-in with a camera man. The photog was filming and walking with his back to Mientkiewicz, when he tripped and fell, landing on top of the first baseman’s left ankle. Mientkiewicz rolled his ankle — which has been troublesome in the past — but he said he still plans on starting for the Yankees. Welcome to the postseason.

at 6:37 p.m. ET at Jacobs Field

Game 1 lineups:

Johnny Damon, LF
Derek Jeter, SS
Bobby Abreu, RF
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Jorge Posada, C
Hideki Matsui, DH
Robinson Cano, 2B
Melky Cabrera, CF
Doug Mientkiewicz, 1B

PITCHING: RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Grady Sizemore, CF
Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B
Travis Hafner, DH
Victor Martinez, C
Ryan Garko, 1B
Jhonny Peralta, SS
Kenny Lofton, LF
Franklin Gutierrez, RF
Casey Blake, 3B




So was the photographer part of the Cleveland Press? lol

If we do re-sign Stairs, I hope we only sign him to 1 year not 2, even if it means we pay him more for the 1 year.

I agree with you sumner, I just read the article that Jordan had on Matt and was a little concerned that this might be for 2 years. I’d be more willing to give him a platoon role for one year then have him come off the bench for 2 (if you know what i mean). If I am the Jays and he insisted on 2 years then I hope they’d say thanks but no thanks. I’m fine with them giving him a small raise, but not 2 years.

Hey, I don’t even mind if it’s a large raise. There are two problems with two years, one-Stair’s age and the fact this year was like a career year for him, and second, what happens to Lind?

The Rox are certainly exploiting the Phillies weak pen.

Are they ever on a roll.

The Rox are solid.

A-Rod is a ***.

2 years will not be a bad deal for stairs and Toronto he is just a bench player and it is apparent that he likes playing for a canadian team also this man is in great shape I would think the best shape of his life.

If the jays go after a shortstop don’t worry about J.Mac he will be the best utility player money can buy and a great assett to the team.


What you forget is if we sign him for 2 years, Lind stays in AAA. On a 25 man roster we need:

5 starters

7 relievers

2 catchers

4 outfielders

1 DH

4 infielders

That leaves us with 2 back up positions, which are generally infielders; so if we do sign Stairs for 2 years as the 3rd or 4th outfielder, Lind is on the outside looking in, unless we go with only 1 infielder in backup and that is likely risky.

The other problem is Travis Snider starts in Dunedin next year and will likely move to AA before the end of 2008 meaning AAA in 2009 and knocking on the door.

If he figures out defense faster, he’ll be ready to come up faster and we’d sit with both Lind and Snider in AAA with no way to bring them up because Stairs clogs up the chain.

Tribe 3 evil empire 1. bottom of the first.

Go Tribe

I agree that a one year deal for Stairs is enough.I would only do 2 years with the understanding that the second year be a club option.Luv those Rox.They’re the team on a roll going in. You never know what could happen.It would be great to see Indians knock out the Yanks too.


well so far the Tribe are lighting up Wang-let’s hope it continues

What do you want the playoffs or turning the Jays into a minor league training center,Like you said 25 man roster so go with the players you know have a chance to get you there today.

go cle.

Actually 2 years wouldn’t be all that bad . Thomas will be gone after next year and we could use Stairs as the DH for one heck of a lot less money

Rockies are hot …… GO INDIANSSSSSSSS


No thomas has a vesting option for the 3rd year if he hits a quantity of bats for years 1 and 2-and he’s currently ahead of schedule, so we are looking at him for 3 years


Hey I like Stairs for 1 year, I just don’t like him for 2.

Go Tribe

indigo is right unless Thomas has a great year stairs will be the DH.


No, Thomas’s contract is vested if he makes a certain number of plate appearances, it has nothing to do with performance.

Hate to break it to ya, but Thomas’ contract has an option for a 3rd year which is automatically picked up so long as he gets like 550 at bats next year.

Also, the camera man was a freelancer from Cleveland working for the YES network. He was promptly fired.

Oops, you beat me to it gsumner.

I think the Jays should sign Stairs for 1 year plus an option possibly with a buyout.

Start Lind in AAA, and have Stairs and Johnson platoon. If the platoon isn’t working or someone gets hurt; bring Lind up.

Correction: his option vests if he gets 1000AB’s 07,08 combined or 525 in 08 alone. He had 531AB’s this year.
BTW he’s also got a no-trade clause.

If he starts out like a dork they dont have to give him the at bats good by Thomas and what is the buyout clause if there is one.

Actually what it does is shows how stupid JP really is.

there is no buy out clause

Great game by the Indians defeating the evil empire.

Robert-I don’t mind if there’s an option on the 2nd year-as long as it’s the Jays option and not Stairs.

Too bad about Jeiter and A-Rod going hitless in tonights game against the Tribe.

What’s A-Rod now in post season, 2 for 30 something?

Looks good on them.


I am well aware of Thomas vested option for 2009 but the potential is still there to use Stairs..note I said potential. I read Cot’s baseball contracts and I believe I posted the addy here for everyone to enjoy it.
Heck while we are at it, Pudge Rodriquez is a FA . Maybe Boras will give us a deal on him . Pudge is only 36 and JP wants a “seasoned” catcher…

Lot of walks in last night’s game , both pitchers struggled but Sabathia came out on top . Yanks didn’t capitalize on those walks . Tonight should be a good game with Pettitte and Carmona on the mound. Lets hope the tribe didn’t use up all their runs last night .


Pudge has a good relationship with the owner who feels he has helped the franchise a lot and although isn’t worth the 13 mill. will pick up his option. I’d be really surprised if Pudge became available.

Go Tribe


While your over that way, you should try to sneak over to East Lansing and watch the Spartans smoke the Wildcats.

Spartans 31

Wildcats 17

The comment about Pudge was stricting for entertainment. I would be surprised to see him leave Detroit


What I don’t understand about that comment from JP is we have Sal Fasano and Robinson Diaz in AAA. You will remember Fasano as the guy who straighted out Halliday and Marcum and then was sent down because Abner liked Phillips better.

All Diaz has done in AAA is hit .338 and throw out .400 of the guys trying to steal on him. He had an injury late in the year and as a result couldn’t be called up; but he’s going to the AFL where I expect him to do well.

I think he’s ready or will be by spring training and anything more he needs to learn could be taught here by Ernie, Zaun and Abner.

Why go out and sign another reclamation type catcher when there’s already two options-spend the money elsewhere, call Diaz up and get him ready in 2008 to take over Zaun’s position in 2009.

I agree with you . Fasano just had knee surgery so if he is done as a player ( I a not saying he is ), I think he would be a phenominal coach .
My point was about Riccardi’s spending habits . Although Thomas did eventually produce last year , he was signed for too much money . Riccardi fell in love with Thomas’ numbers and essentially bid against himself. There was no line up of teams beating the door down for Thomas. Its not like this team (the jay) have unlimited resources, so what they do have should be used wisely. I don’t think Riccardi does that .

It would not surprise me to hear that Riccardi has approached Boras about Pudge . Detroit has until the end of the series to either pick up his option or buy him out for 3 mil. They may choose the latter and renegotiate a less expensive deal.

I agree with you, Fasano would be a phenomenal coach. If he’s done as a player I hope the Jays keep him in the organization. I was amazed when he fixed Halliday and Marcum.

At the time, I rememeber asking myself, so who is the pitching coach for the Jays.

In our dire need for a catcher, who better to work with Thigpen and Diaz and get them ready.

Diaz is gonna be a good one-remember I said it first. lol

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