AnkleGate Part 2

CLEVELAND — It was a pretty embarrassing scenario for that camera man to suddenly be thrust into the spotlight by tripping and falling on Doug Mientkiewicz, injuring the first baseman’s left ankle. That doesn’t mean Mientkiewicz was happy to hear the guy got fired for it.

"Did he really?," Mientkiewicz said after New York’s 12-3 loss. "I didn’t want that, by any means. Accidents happen. I hope they come back and — that’s kind of harsh, isn’t it?"

At that point, one of the reporters in the crowd surrounding Mientkiewicz’s locker pointed out that the camera man was just a freelancer — not a full-timer for his network.

"Still, that doesn’t matter," Mientkiewicz said. "Trust me, there’s a lot better players he could’ve sabotaged than me. That shouldn’t happen. It was a mistake and people make mistakes. I feel bad. He doesn’t deserve that. He deserves better than that."

Mientkiewicz was pulled from the game early, but Yankees manager Joe Torre said that had nothing to do with the sore ankle. Although, torre did say it appeared as though Mientkiewicz was hobbling some during the game. The first baseman didn’t agree.

"I play when I’m told to play," he said with a shrug. "If I looked like I was hobbling around, I didn’t feel like I was hobbling around. I was totally fine."

Maybe he wasn’t hobbling, but the Yankees as a whole sure went limp against the Indians. They drove C.C. Sabathia’s pitch count up early and chased him from the game, but New York couldn’t turn one of Sabathia’s six walks into a run and Cleveland’s bullpen overpowered the Yanks in the final four innings.

On the Blue Jays’ front, here’s the 2008 home schedule:

4-6 Red Sox
8-10 Athletics
16-17 Rangers
18-21 Tigers

2-5 White Sox
6-8 Devil Rays
20-22 Angels
23-26 Royals

6-8 Orioles
9-11 Mariners
13-15 Cubs
24-26 Reds
27-29 Braves

8-10 Orioles
11-13 Yankees
25-27 Mariners
28-30 Devil Rays

4-7 Athletics
8-10 Indians
19-21 Yankees
22-24 Indians

2-4 Twins
5-7 Devil Rays
16-18 Orioles
19-21 Red Sox
23-25 Yankees



Are you going to post your playoff picks?

Class comments from Mientkiewicz.

It was nice of Mientkiewicz to support the camera man , he is a class act for sure. Whether the camera man was freelance or not , we all have to make a living .
Jordan, sorry your cubbies are struggling .They deserve kudos for their accomplishments this year

gs , I would love to see a series between Cleveland and Colorado (the underdog thing again )

Well, I’m not sure Colorado is an underdog;but I would like to see them get into the series and play Cleveland.

The series, I’d like to see more would be the Cubbies and Tribe.

Cubs will have a tough time coming back from 2-0 deficit . No NL team has ever done that

I was going to post my playoff picks when I got to Cleveland, then I didn’t and now the first round is underway — so it’d be kind of pointless to make first-round picks with some games in the books now.

I will say that I thought the Cubs would do better than they have against Arizona, and I’m not surprised to see the Rox still rolling against the Phils. I would’ve picked Rox-Cubs for the NLCS, but that doesn’t look too promising now.

In the AL, my picks would’ve been the Tribe against the Red Sox in the ALCS, and I can safely stick by that pick right now. For the World Series, I might’ve gone sentimental with a Cubs’ pick, but I would’ve tabbed the Indians as the series winner.

I like Cleveland’s pitching for a playoff format, and they have a potent offense, as evidenced last night. So, I’ll say Cleveland vs. Colorado in the Series. We’ll see if that holds up or not. You would think the Rox were due to cool off at some point.

Colorado barely made it , only taking the wild card from the padres in 13 innings . They have never won a WS and only been in the post season once before . I would consider them an underdog. One that is gaining momentum

Thank Jordan…..see women know best …

That post sort of made Jordan sound…I apologize Jordan. Women and sports writers know best , thats much better

I still don’t view Colorado as an underdog-that is one strong team. They could have the NL MVP and Rookie of the year on the same club.

I think they jelled about 20 games ago which is why they’re on this win streak-and I really don’t see them slowing down until they get to the series.

I like Cleveland pitching which was the best in the 2nd half-better than ours. Strong rotation and stronger bullpen. If they get to the Yanks bullpen early, that series might only go 3 games-max 4.

And yes Indigo, women always know best-I’m sure Jordan will agree with that statement. lol

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