Rolen's left shoulder ailing

TORONTO — Blue Jays third baseman Scott Rolen — mired in an 0-for-17 slump at the plate — was held out of the starting lineup on Wednesday. Days off might become more common for the third baseman as the season wears on.

Rolen admitted today that his left shoulder, which has been operated on three times previously, has been bothering him of late. He met with a physical therapist on Monday and saw a team doctor on Tuesday and they determined that his shoulder is fine strength-wise.

Rolen said the issue has been mechanically — that the shoulder doesn’t seem to be functioning the way it should be. It sounds more like a fatigue issue, but Rolen said another surgery isn’t necessary. He is hoping rehab-type work, combined with more days off can help ease the discomfort.

Today’s lineups:

TAMPA BAY (62-44) at TORONTO (54-53)
at 12:37 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Akinori Iwamura, 2B
B.J. Upton, CF
Carl Crawford, LF
Evan Longoria, 3B
Carlos Pena, 1B
Eric Hinske, DH
Dinor Navarro, C
Gabe Gross, RF
Jason Bartlett, SS

PITCHING: RHP Edwin Jackson (6-7, 4.22)

Joe Inglett, 2B
Marco Scutaro, 3B
Alex Rios, CF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Matt Stairs, DH
Adam Lind, LF
Brad Wilkerson, RF
Gregg Zaun, C
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Scott Richmond (MLB debut)


  1. gsjays

    Just starting watching the game on game day and noticed Richmond threw 4 sliders to Longoria. All 4 were at different speeds between 84 and 90, and all 4 broke differently.

  2. gsjays

    What a pathetic display of clutch hitting. Two innings in a row we get a runner on 3rd with no outs. So what do we do:

    Wilkerson pops up
    Zaun hits a soft grounder
    Macdonald hits a fly ball
    Rios hits a soft ground ball to pitcher
    Overbay strikes out
    Stairs walks
    Lind flys out to center field.

    Macdonald and Lind both hit the ball hard, just at someone. What’s hard to believe is neither Wilkerson, Zaun, Rios or Overbay could hit one out of the infield. Pathetic.


    Never watched all of the game but reading your post it looks like we lost.I turned it off when Cito had Parish ready in the 4th and the kid was in trouble and he left him in just to try and get him the win and it cost us the game,I don’t think I like Cito as much as I did years ago.
    The Jays are not going to make it so why not bring up some young players so we have something to cheer for,Right now the games are not worth watching,
    Two days before the trade deadline and JP the GOOF will not make any moves,as far as Zaun goes I dont blame him for waniing out would you play for this team.
    I can’t see any changes for next year that will help this team and Rolen is going to cost the team 11 mil next year and he is done as far as I can see.
    All you have to do is look and see the way JP set this team up the last two years and the way he shoots his mouth off and you know no free agent wants to come here unless he gives them twice what they are worth ,so next year will be a bust to.

  4. gsjays

    Garry-Don’t blame either Richmond or Cito, blame the hitters who couldn’t drive in a runner from 3rd base. What a missed opportunity.

  5. gsjays

    The Yanks trade Farnsworth to the Tigers for Pudge Rodriguez.

    The New York Yankees traded reliever LaTroy Hawkins to the Houston Astros on Wednesday for minor league infielder Matt Cusick.

    The Toronto Blues confirmed no one wants Greg Zaun.

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