Deadline Day

TORONTO — I’m hunkered down here at the Bastian residence, monitoring news via various Web sites and making calls today to see what’s up as the Trade Deadline nears. There have been a couple interesting developments as we’ve approached the 4 p.m. ET deadline.

ESPN is reporting that the Blue Jays have inquired about outfielders Jason Bay and Raul Ibanez. Toronto is 6.5 games out of the Wild Card, putting them in that spot between being out of it and really being in contention. So, if they could add another bat to what’s been a dismal offense, they might just do it.

The only issue with Bay is what the Pirates might want in return. If Pittsburgh wants a three- or four-prospect package, including Travis Snider, my bet would be that the Jays balk. Now, Toronto might be willing to move Adam Lind while his stock is high, especially with Snider waiting in the wings — just speculating here.

I don’t really have a gut feeling about what Toronto will do with less than two hours to go before the deadline. Players such as David Eckstein, Gregg Zaun and John McDonald, or a few relievers, could be dealt, but they just might as easily stick around (at least for now — there’s always August).

We’ll be talking to Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi later this evening to discuss what did or didn’t happen on the trade front, and also to hopefully find out how Dustin McGowan’s right shoulder surgery went. Stay tuned for more…

UPDATE — 2:55: The Blue Jays interest in Pirates outfielder Jason Bay reportedly ended with precisely one phone call. Pittsburgh apparently asked for Toronto starter Shaun Marcum and top outfield prospect Travis Snider for starters, leading the Jays to move on.

UPDATE — 3:15: Talks between the Jays and Mariners about Raul Ibanez are reportedly ongoing, though no other names involved in the deal have been made public. Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail is reporting that the Marlins have inquired about Matt Stairs. No word about catcher Gregg Zaun, who has been tied to Florida in previous reports.

UPDATE — 3:53: Seven minutes to go and apparently the M’s had second thoughts about parting with Ibanez. ESPN is reporting that it would’ve been a 2-for-1 swap with the Jays, involving all Major League players. Interesting. It’s looking like the Jays will be standing pat after all. Stay tuned…

UPDATE — 4:45: Blue Jays stand pat. Disgruntled Gregg Zaun stays put, as does A.J. Burnett. And it’s sounding like Manny is going to be Manny under Joe Torre in L.A. Bay goes to Boston and the Pirates get four minor leaguers in the three-team blockbuster. Also, good news for Jays starter Dustin McGowan. He had successful surgery on his right shoulder, but did not need work on his rotator cuff. He can begin a throwing program in roughly four months. This is good news.


  1. gsjays

    Why would we ever want another old broken down underperforming overpaid outfielder like Raul Ibnaez? We already have Wilkerson, Stewart and Mench-isn’t that enough?

    Who is JP kidding when he says he tried for Jason Bay? That 3 way deal was done two to three days ago. Pure BS to make himself look good to Godfrey.

    Clearly, this team isn’t going anyplace with JP as GM.


    How can they make no moves? Why were they buyers and not sellers? Why would JP waste time trying to get Bay or Ibanez?
    The Jays are clearly in a sell position. I cannot comprehend the fact that there was no market for any of Zaun, Eckstein, Stairs or Downs. All should have been easy sells. They should have been able to get some prospects or at least draft picks. I can understand not dealing Burnett because if he opts out, they get 2 first round picks. So the offer needs to be better than that.
    Were Scutaro and Inglett made available? What contender wouldn’t want that kind of utility player coming off the bench?
    The Jays brass needs to come to the realization that JP must be on some kind of trading blacklist. He has been a complete failure in terms of making deals. He needs to go. A GM is only as good as his negotiation skills.


    You can’t trade draft picks in baseball Andrew.
    I would’ve been happy to see Bay here, not so much for this year but he could’ve helped out next. Anyway, surprising to see that no one wanted Eckstein or Zaun enough to entice J.p. with something. It’s not like it really matters in the grand scheme of things though. Trading away guys like Scutaro, Zaun, Inglett etc. wouldn’t get them much anyway but I would’ve liked to see if they could find a place for B.J. Ryan.


    I’m not sure why we would want to dump B.J? He will be back to his 06 form next year for sure and continue to be extremely valuable. Closers are the hardest thing to find. Getting Bay would have been awesome, but not at the cost of Marcum + Snider. Snider and a farm arm and I think hard about it. With Marcum getting better every year he is our future #2

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