Replay at Rogers

TORONTO — The Rogers Centre has its own little TiVo in the tunnel behind the first-base dugout now. Just around the corner from the visitors’ clubhouse, there is an area blocked off by a black curtain — this is where the instant replay area is at the ballpark.

Behind the curtain, there is a locked security box and inside there is a telephone with a direct line to the MLB Advanced Media headquarters in New York, as well as a nice little HD television. There’s also a box of tissues to keep the TV crystal clear. Or, maybe they’re there in case an ump needs to wipe away any tears of embarrassment after blowing a call.

So, if there is a disputed homer, the crew chief on hand will head to this little black booth, where he will call NYC to consult a video technician, along with a former umpire of an umpire supervisor. Ultimately, the crew chief at the stadium has the final say on the home run decision.

Also, your September callups: Shaun Marcum, Scott Richmond, Brian Wolfe, Brad Wilkerson, Kevin Mench and Curtis Thigpen. Marcum, who admitted he was so stunned the demotion that he almost considered just going home, will be slotted back into the rotation on Saturday.

Today’s lineups:

MINNESOTA (77-60) at TORONTO (70-66)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Denard Span, CF
Alexi Casilla, 2B
Joe Mauer, C
Justin Morneau, 1B
Jason Kubel, RF
Randy Ruiz, DH
Delmon Young, LF
Brian Buscher, 3B
Nick Punto, SS

PITCHING: LHP Glen Perkins (12-3, 3.96)

Marco Scutaro, 2B
Jose Bautista, DH
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Rod Barajas, C
Adam Lind, LF
Scott Rolen, 3B
Lyle Overbay, 1B
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: LHP David Purcey (2-5, 5.53)



    Who made you three God.As far as I know this blog is for everyone.It dosn’t matter what anyone post it’s not your place to tear them apart.Live your own life and let other people live theirs.The three of you should be ashamed of yourselfs.You talk about other people who think they know it all try looking in a mirror.I find the three of you disgusting.


    Gsumner the best bet is not to talk to the three of them it’s a waste of time.Also they may all be the same sick person.

    It looks like Purcey is haveing a good night so far.


    Guess I was wrong about Purcey tough night for him.The Twins are a good hitting team you have to be on your game to beat them.Maybe we can come back.


    All I did was point out how good sumner thought the team could be back in January. I don’t think i’ve ever disrespected anyone here. Check yourselves as to how good most of you guys thought this team could be back in December to February. If J.P. could make moves based on hindsight he’d be perfect. All i’m trying to say is, don’t rip J.P. for moves he’s made when at the time he made them, you liked the move. That goes for Rolen for Glaus and Vernon’s contract.


    I wonder too, how a person can go from that extreme to another. At one point Rolen seemed to be the answer. Now it’s: “this team is crap and needs to rebuild”….”J.P. hasn’t made a good move in the last 2 years”…etc…etc….


    Enigma. I misread your post and I’m sorry.
    As for the Rolen for Glaus trade I was not for it but Glaus asked to be traded.I never liked the Wells contract but only time will tell.and once again I’m sorry to you only.


    Remember this team looked pretty good at the start of the season now look at it.With the pitchen we have we should be close to at least the wild card.Baseball fans go up and down all season long.So we blame the manager or the GM big deal no one gets hurt by it.The office cares not what we say nor should they.And remember if it wasn’t for Gsumner this blog would have been done a long time ago.I don’t know if you have noticed but we seldom ever hear from Jordan.He never talks to us.I guess maybe it’s beacuse he’s not a Jays fan to bad.


    You blame the manager and GM for the players performing below their career averages? That doesn’t make you a fan, that makes you stu….sorry, uninformed. Get on the hitters, they have been pathetic, and by no fault of JPs.


    Plus why don’t you get of the JP kick you’r starting to make me sick.Tell me are you Gay.Thats not ment to be rude so don’t take it that way.


    We all thought that J.P made good moves before. Like the Overbay trade. He performed very well his first year here. And after what Rios did in 07, no one questioned why we signed Rios or Hill who arn’t doing well at all (obviously not Hill but im not blaming him).
    BUT…… bringing Eckstein in and getting rid of Reed Johnson??? Signing Ohka and whatever his name was with Ohka who both did horrible. Bringing Bautista here when we have Jmac, Scutaro, Inglett, Rolen to man the left side just so he can do well tonight???


    We all know a GMs job is not easy.I just think JP could have done a better job and not everyone thinks the way I do about him.If we all thought the same thing what a dull world we would live in.But to make him an IDOL give me a


    This might seem a little random but considering that Burnett is going to opt out, and McGowan is injured who do guys consider to be in contention for a chance in the starting rotation? Do Chacin or Janssen have any hope of making it out of spring training?

  13. welikeroywelikeroy

    I want to see a manager flip and follow the umpire into the replay area, take the television and heave it in the middle of the diamond.

    I can see Lou Pinella doing that in the playoffs.


    I must say i used to read this blog daily but lately i find it annoying..I now read Jorden’s posts only and move on. Many of you know a lot about the jays and their farm system and a whole lot of pitching stuff – too bad we can’t be more inclusive of others questions and opinions and expand the conversation beyond the regulars. I’ve posted several questions but the next post after mine is usually yet another rant about the quality of the GM, which as we all know, is subjective. This is often followed by a rant about the ranter, and well, there really is no point to follow the trail or ask a question of interst.

    I really hoped for a higher quality blogging experience but will find my jays information somewhere else folks.

  15. lndigo

    gsumner ,
    When I signed up for MLB they asked for a nickname and since Kate ( my first name ) was taken I stuck in indigo . I only realized a few days ago that my posts are now signed indigo and my email is no longer included . Did you by chance give the gibby-1 as a nickname , if so this could be why your posts are now signed that way. I was a monitor at a gaming site in my University years ( I must have loved abuse……lol ), anyway we could do a lot but we never had access to player’s accounts. My point is what purpose would it serve for Jordan to change your account , you can still post . I don’t think Jordan has the capabilities to block your isp though I am sure MLB can do that . I would hope you have written Jordan privately to discuss this matter .

  16. lndigo

    I was kind of sad Stairs got traded . I realize it was a good thing for him to go to a contending team but my canadian sentimentality kicked in especially after reading the article on him where he talked about retiring as a Jay and how much he loves TO and this team. Maybe he will end his career in TO as a coach but for now I wish he all the luck as a Philly

    As for Eckstein , I was never for his signing in the beginning and sure didn’t want to see him parked on the bench . I am glad he has the opportunity to play everyday and wish him all the very best . He is a competitor and a caring person . He deserves to play everyday

  17. lndigo

    I agree with your post , bloggers let opinions become personal attacks . The inflection of a voice is lost in the written word . I read several other MLB blogs ,when time permits and this one is the worst for bloggers abusing one another. Debate and looking at other’s opinions are good , they keep us from stagnating but belittling one another serves no purpose . I love the Jays and will continue to read this blog but I get tired of all the childish bickering


    Indigo Tan is right we do act childish at times.I have gone back and read some of my own post and can’t belive some of the things I have posted.I think today I will grow up.The only thing that bugs me is when someone who suddenly appears on this blog starts calling people morons for no reason at all.I’t seems like a lot of the new posters think they have this right.I to love the Jays and I’m not an expert on baseball.but when I give my opinion on something why do some people feel the need to open up with a line like ,what a Moron or get real idiot,Why not just say i don’t agree with you or something like that and say what they think,this way no ones feelings are hurt.I’m sure a lot more people would post on this blog if they knew no one would make them feel like an idiot.And last but not least I hope Tan keeps posting.


    Chacin is done for the season [bad knee] he was is A ball he may never make it back in Toronto.Jansson has a torn rotator cuff and may not be ready for spring traning.

  20. cp_fan


    For me no surprises. The Sept callups (in my opinion) are to get a look at some of the players from the farm system that may be competing for major league jobs next year. With the exception of Mench and Wilkerson that’s who got called up. Even M&W have a chance for next year depending on how Snider works out. Lins is going to have to fall apart not to be part of the 2009 plans.




    I see a 09 rotation (anybodys guess on a free agent we may get) consisting of:

    Sheets (if I were JP)

    Chacin is done. Jansen had a torn labrum repaired and may or may not be the same guy once he is done his rehab. Here is hoping he is good to go for May of next year. Ben Sheets is probably the 2nd best pitcher on the market and would be an upgrade over Burnett. Obviously he would be a big $$ guy.


    I think I heard Mike Wilner say last night that Janssen could actually be ready for spring training next year. Don’t qoute me on it but if you’re interested he has his post game show on his blog. Chacin, before he was injured wasn’t doing too well so he would need to blow everybody out of the water to have a shot at the rotation.

    Bautista was brought in as a low risk depth move should Rolen have taken longer than expected to recover. He’s a guy with some pop in his bat and is as good as Scutaro defensively at 3rd. Ohka and Thompson both cost the Jays little and gave some time for McGowan and Marcum to develop alittle more in the minors. As for Reed, I like him a lot but he would’ve been gone as soon as Lind established himself as a major leagur so in my opinion the point should be mute now.


    I said should. People in Toronto like Reed so they’ll continue to talk about his departure as if it’s the worst possible thing that could happen to the team. In the grand scheme the Jays are better off paying Lind for his production then paying Reed 3 million for his.


    hi there guys. the lost today for the blue jays was really bad.and i cant beleive that cito played greg zaun today. you see what he did a throwing error that score 2 runs. it should be barajas on that stage coz every game is crucial. and more thing cito didnt even change down even though his having trouble on his command.he should put league instead of him. toronto should get rid of there bullpen like,frasor,camp. men,that guy always blew out a game.

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