Sure handed

TORONTO — Anyone notice the errorless streak the Blue Jays have been on lately?

Entering tonight, Toronto has gone a frachise-record 13 consecutive games without making an error — a span of 116 innings. It’s the longest such run in the Majors this season and the longest since the Red Sox went 17 straight games without an error from June 11-30, 2006.

Toronto also ranks first in the American League and second in the game with a .987 fielding percentage. The Jays have made just 16 errors in 41 games since the All-Star break, representing the fewest in the league. On the year, the Jays have 65 errors — also the fewest in the AL.

The Jays certainly have the pitching and defense thing down.

Today’s lineups:

MINNESOTA (77-61) at TORONTO (71-66)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Denard Span, RF
Alexi Casilla, 2B
Joe Mauer, C
Justin Morneau, 1B
Jason Kubel, LF
Brian Buscher, DH
Nick Punto, SS
Matt Tolbert, 3B
Carlos Gomez, CF

PITCHING: RHP Nick Blackburn (9-8, 3.75)

Joe Inglett, 2B
Marco Scutaro, SS
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Adam Lind, LF
Rod Barajas, C
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Scott Rolen, 3B
Travis Snider, DH

PITCHING: RHP A.J. Burnett (16-10, 4.48)


Burnett will not get #17 tonight.1st INN 20 pitches Blackburn 9 pitches.Who is on and who is not.But let’s face it in baseball things can change.GO-JAYS.

The defense has only made the Jays pitching that much better. Position by position, we have guys are very skilled defensively. The sad truth is that we may have to give some of that up to get a little offense.

We are really playing some great baseball right now. Fun, and exciting watch. Imagine how good this would be if we were still in the race. Thats okay, we are going to finish ahead of the Yankees for the first time in forever, I’m hoping.

The pitching and defence is definitely the best in the game right now and has been for the majority of the season. Losing Burnett will hurt, but we have guys in the system with his type of stuff that will cost a quarter if not less that Burnett. Snider is going to be a huge stud! He will a star for this team… I’m not just saying that because he racked up 3 hits today but because you can see the talent in his bat and oh yah…… HE IS ONLY 20!

Snider is going to be a weapon for years to come.Lind is going to be a weapon for years to come.And they both belong to Toronto.But let’s not forget J.Mac.was the Hero last night.The other two will be in the spotlight many many times in the years to come.but let’s give J.Mac. some credit for last night.

I would like to see J.Mac.back as the full time shortstop next year and see what he can do.If he can’t pick up his batting the Allstar break then look for a shortstop who can hit if they can find one.The freeagent shortstops who are out there this Winter are not worth the money they will garner.

With the fact that the Blue Jays have four major league quality outfielders and that Burnett will opt out of his contract what are your guys thoughts on possibly trading one of our outfielders such as Lind or Rios plus a couple of prospects for a legitamate #2 in the Blue Jays rotation

I don’t think I would make that trade,First of all you then will have to look for a good DH at about 10 or 12 mil.If they want a #2 starter the free agent market has about 4 or 5 good starters this Winter.If you trade for a starter you will still have to pay the big bucks so why not keep your players and look to the free agent market,just my opinion.
There is always a chance although a slim one that Burnett stays in Toronto,The Jays will have about 30 work with next year and who knows maybe JP will give him more money to stay,If he does and AJ plays the same next year as he is this year JP will look like a genius lol.

I wish Wilkerson or Mench or platoon seemed to be a quality DH. Then the Jays could leave Snider in AAA for a full year (or call up due to injuries – as long as Inglett hasn’t taught him the Voodoo technique). Leaving Lind/Wells/Rios starting in the OF, and Inglett as the 4th outfielder.

That way there would still be money to spend.


Wilkerson and Mench will not be with the Jays next year.If Snider warrants another year in AAA ball I’m sure they will pick up a good DH.

Gee Garry, did you have a conference call with JP? How can you be so positive that M and/or W won’t return? Perhaps you HOPE that they won’t return. Just as I WISH they had done a better job this year.


I can’t be positive but I can’t see any reason for their return,Why would the Jays spend money on them when they can get better players for a few dollars more and I mean a few dollars more.

A Mench/Wilkerson platoon at DH is not what the Jay’s need. Mench has hit .254 against Lefties, and Wilkerson .218 against righties. Not the kind of production I would really want from that position.

Manny would be a nice touch,Would anyone out there like to see Manny come to Toronto as the DH.

Sign me up as someone who would like to see Manny here.


I didn’t say that they COULD do the job. I said that I WISH that they could (because it would be an inexpensive alternative). Plus your stats only point out why it would be a platoon.

I am concerned that Manny would be disruptive as a Jay. However, as a fan, I would like to see him regularly, at least for a while.


Manny would be a good addition but not for more than 2 year deal. If they could get him and sign maybe Derek Lowe to step in when AJ departs things would look pretty good.I think Downs should be left in the pen as he is more valuable there.

Leave Downs in the pen is a good idea 8th INN.guys with his stuff are hard to find.

Last night belonged to Snider. And JMac was the hero with that hit.

But lost in all that is Inglett and his 2 run HR. How good has he been this year. He’s hitting .300. What I like about him is that it looks like he has a good eye. Not that he walks all that much, but what I mean by that is that he swings and makes good contact on good pitches, and lays off on bad pitches. He doesn’t walk that much because he hits the ball before he gets a chance too. Just a good solid hitter. I hope he made his impression a a big leaguer, at the very least as a solid Scutaro-type utility man.

Jays are fun to watch right now.

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