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TORONTO — Yeah, went to see the new Coens Bro’s flick, Burn After Reading, last night and it was pretty funny. It doesn’t come near The Big Lebowski in being the best Coens’ comedy out there (hard to top the greatest comedy of all time), but it definitely had its moments. Brad Pitt’s character had me laughing pretty hard and I thought the ending was fantastic.

Oh, the Blue Jays?

Well, they’re here today and still without setup man Scott Downs and catcher Rod Barajas. Toronto skip Cito Gaston said Downs had an X-ray on his ailing right ankle, but no word yet on results. Barajas, meanwhile, is still nursing a sore left hamstring. I’d say Barajas is more likely to make a return than Downs.

Jose Bautista starts at second base today for the first time since 2006, when he played a whole three games at the position. Cito said that he wants to use Bautista and Travis Snider more often down the stretch to see more of them with next season in mind. Also, it’s possible that Scott Richmond could get a start in the last series in Baltimore.

Today’s lineups:

BALTIMORE (66-82) at TORONTO (80-70)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Brian Roberts, 2B
Nick Markakis, CF
Melvin Mora, 3B
Aubrey Huff, 1B
Ramon Hernandez, C
Luke Scott, LF
Adam Jones, CF
Oscar Salazar, DH
Juan Castro, SS

PITCHING: LHP Chris Waters (2-3, 5.73)

Marco Scutaro, SS
Jose Bautista, 2B
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Scott Rolen, 3B
Adam Lind, DH
Gregg Zaun, C
Travis Snider, LF

PITCHING: RHP Shaun Marcum (9-6, 3.38)


This is funny,the Yankees will not make the playoffs this year but it looks like Joe Torre will.lol.

Rios asleep again he misplayed that hit by Markakis,it should have been an out.

What is wrong with the Jays starters lately they can’t seem to get out of the first inning without throwing 20 or more pitches.

And of course we let a rookie pitcher off with 11 pitches.

garryguy, also what funny is that the yankees have a better record than torrie’s 1st place team.

Fredom.yeh thats even better,Hank must be pulling his hair out by now and hiding from George.LOL.

and the Blue Jays. arrrr, I don’t like the NL West.

What happened to Marcum, I just got in and game day shows a delay for injury and then he was replaced?

Watching game on gameday what happend to Marcum????

I don’t know, I’m just wondering if he got hurt.

Is there anyone out there watching the game on the tube and can tell us what happend to Marcum please.


Thank you for posting that article link in your blog. It did have a disturbing paragraph.

“And worse, the Blue Jays’ roughly $97 million payroll will increase without adding a single new piece, as big raises to star center fielder Vernon Wells and right fielder Alex Rios activate. ”

**That means even with losing Burnett and Thomas our payroll for next year will increase. That doesn’t leave any room to add a “big bat free agent”, unless we dump either Rolen, Wells, Ryan or Halliday.

Marcum left with numbness in his forearm

you beat me to it indigo lol.

This game is a farce a joke an insult to the fans,This is next year folks.

Thanks Kate.

Thanks Indigo. I do not like the sound of that.
Garry-I think the Baltimore pitcher should send a thank you card to the Jays hitters, thanking them for lowering his era from 5.73 to 4.85.
I can not understand why this team has such a problem with soft throwing lefties.

You are very welcome. I pushed enigma out of the way so I could beat him posting……lol..

GSJ.Ithink it’s in their minds.

Probably time to shut Marcum down for the rest of the year and let him get healthy . He hasn’t been quite right since he came back from the DL . Lets hope it isn’t anything major

Enigma ladies first.lol.

These hitter look like they’re sleeping. And in the meantime our pitching staff just issued the 8th walk.
I think it’s time to send in Indigo to kick some ***. lol

If it is forearm and not elbow, he should be fine with rest. But you never know what it is because the Jays never tell the truth until the guy gets operated on. But I do agree, he has never been right since he came back from the DL, I get the feeling he’s pitched in some pain each time out.

I think those stolen games in Boston hurt this team mentally . They forgot their bats there

I think you’re right. It was nice to see Snider get a double against a left hander though.

It was nice to see somebody get a hit , all things considered……lol…. Lets hope they play better tomorrow night

Do you really mean that Garry ?

This is pathetic no doubt, but to call a team that’s 80 and 70 an insult to the fans is a bit much.

GSJ – It’s at 97 million this year. Next year they wont have Eckstein (5 million), Thomas (10) Burnett (12) Zaun (?), Mench (?), Wilkerson and Stairs. Assuming the Jays were prepared to honour the contracts of Thomas, Stairs and Burnett next year that’s about 24 million off the books knowing that Rios and Wells both have raises next year. I don’t think the raises are as big as you think they are. I believe Wells will jump to 8 million per (He’s at 3.4 now I believe) losing Eckstein will cover that. Not sure about Rios. Regardless it shouldn’t matter because they were prepared to pay Thomas, Stairs and A.J. and now they wont have to. 24 million (roughly) should be enough to lure a “big bat free agent” as I like to call him.

Lol at the thank you card comment by GSJ.
Took me a while to type out my last post so it seems alittle late. Anyway, I rarely take naps at all, let alone during the game, but this was one of those rare games I am glad I did lol.

I agree with Indigo if it’s an injury that is going to nag Marcum then shut him down for the season.

Last comment of the night, take care everyone.

Hey-Enigma-that quote didn’t come from me-it came from an sports writer, who I assume did a good analysis to show the salary level will actually increase even losing Burnett and Thomas. As a result, I have not done any analysis at all on the issue.
But assuming the guy is right (and I do) the only way there’s going to be an extra 24 mill, is if we dump some salaries or if Ted Rogers is prepared to increase payroll.

Here’s an interesting look at the business of baseball by Forbes. Click on each team and it takes you to a separate page. All information is at year end 2007. http://www.forbes.com/lists/2008/33/biz_baseball08_The-Business-Of-Baseball_Rank.html

What should be a real concern is the gate receipt differences between New York, Toronto and Boston.
New York: $171 million
Boston: $167 million
Toronto: $42 million

Gee Snider gets a double against a lefty,Why did Cito not put one of the hottest Jays in against Lester??????.

Gee Enigma check out the link welikeroy gave us before you open your mouth about something you don’t know anything about.And I’m getting sick and tired of you slamming me on every thing i post that you don’t like.This team got shut out against a rookie wiyh a ERA over 5 and a team that is in last place,So tell me what is there to like HUH.

So here’s the 2007 attendance to go with that revenue.

NY: 4,271,867
Boston: 2,970,755
Toronto: 2,360,648

And therefore the average ticket cost:

NY: $40.03
Boston: $56.21
Toronto: $17.79

Attendance is up marginally so far this year, about 100 fans per game. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find that average cost per ticket strange.

There was a time when i would watch every Jays game without fail,now i dont even turn on the tube [i do get all the games] to watch the games anymore,why you might ask,because I’m tired of watching them play without their bats and all the base running mistakes and falling aslep at the switch on defence.I keep an eye on them on gameday while i am watching a movie or some other program,This will be the 15th year without making the playoffs,it’s hard to get up for a team like that,Where is the hope,Plus gets upset at us for trashing JP a GM who keeps giving big bucks to players with a history of trips to the DL or are just plain no good hasbeens.Our minor league is a shambles oh sure we have 5 or 6 good players in the system,but out of 6 teams in the minors how poor is that.My point is what the hell do we have to look forward to.

Since JP has been here the Jays are 4 games under 500.It’s time for him to go.What do the rest of you people think.

Two months ago I said on this blog that with all the money that the Jays would save on Thomas and Burnett and all the hasbeens would not help them because of all the raises that would come into play,But I guess nobody heard me.

Maybe JP should re-read Moneyball???

It appears that JP will be back next year. Too bad. General Motors (GM) fails to gain market share 7 years in a row, and the guys down in Oshawa have to go. JP fails to put a contender, never mind a division/world champion on the field, 7 years in a row and he is kept on. I guess that Ted Rogers does actually care – that is, about his bottom line. Ted knows that this team has no chance of winning next year no matter whom he hires. Therefore, why fire JP and pay both JP and his successor?

Maybe it would be a good thing for this team to lose the rest of games scheduled and end up with a 80-82 record. Maybe then, changes will be made.

I did check out the link. He didn’t say the payroll will be at 97 million next year. He meant this year and as I said numerous contracts will be off the books for next year so the payroll will be lower. I asked Mike Wilner specifically about Wells’ and Rios’ salary for next year and here’s what he had to say : Wells will make $1.5 million (plus an $8.5 million signing bonus) and Rios will make $5.9 million. And depending on how you count the bonus, maybe.

“Maybe” being that it could count against the amount they’ll have to spend this offseason. whether you like Wilner or not doesn’t matter, I know you don’t Garry and that would probably have been your next line of defense (to bash Mike.) I’ll take Wilner’s word over some (i’m assuming he’s american) journalist who probably doesn’t care about the Jays at all.
Garry, why does it seem like you take things so personally ?
Wasn’t it you who told me that if I don’t like what i’m reading I don’t have to ? if it wasn’t you it was Gsumner, at any rate take the advice if you’re so sick of me. Take a look at what you typed out…. “This game is a farce a joke an insult to the fans,This is next year folks.” It’s true there was nothing to like about the game last night, I even implied that myself. That last comment was what I was reffering to “this is next year folks” give me a break. How the heck did I “slam” you with my response ? If you call that slamming you’re a sensitive guy.
I’m beginning to understand why guys like Rshobie and PLus don’t post any more.

Enigma, you’re not reading that story or at least that paragraph properly. Here it is again, but I’ve copied a bit more of the story so you can see he’s talking about 2009:

By virtue of a torrid second half led by the kind of playoff-caliber pitching performances that make organizations think with October-style optimism, fear of the Blue Jays is a concept that has been power-washed across the league. Yet, because at least a few of today’s key winning parts — namely Burnett — won’t be in Toronto tomorrow, the Blue Jays won’t be able to easily parlay the strong finish of this year into a springboard for next.

A.J. Burnett has 18 wins this year, but he appears poised to opt out of his contract at season’s end in an effort to either cash in or move closer to home — or both.
“Naturally, what happens with A.J. is the big thing,” Toronto first baseman/outfielder Lyle Overbay said. “Finally, it all kind of clicked for us, and it would be great to take this to next year, but from everything we hear, it sounds like it’s going to be tough for management to keep A.J.”

And worse, the Blue Jays’ roughly $97 million payroll will increase without adding a single new piece, as big raises to star center fielder Vernon Wells and right fielder Alex Rios activate.

***Clearly he was talking about 2009. Just so you realize some of the issue you haven’t considered: Halliday gets a 4.25 m. raise, Overbay gets a 5.4 m. raise, Rios gets 5.2 m., Hill gets 2.1 m., Barajas gets 2.1 m., Downs gets 1.5m. In addtion, all our young guns deserve raises which is probably going to add another 5 mill or more.

To be frank with you Mike Wilner is not a good source, since his view is too pro Blue Jays and he is no longer objective. Do your own research, you’ll get more accurate information. You can view all team contracts at the following url:

The item, I’d like everyone to comment on is how do the Jays only generate gate revenue of $42 million or an average under $18.00 when single ticket prices are listed as follows:
200 Level Infield $57.00
Field Level Infield $57.00
200 Level Bases $41.00
Field Level Bases $41.00
Field Level Baselines $30.00
100 Level Outfield $23.00
200 Level Outfield $21.00
200 Level Family Zone $21.00
500 Level Seating $9.00

I don’t think I ever see many in the 500 level, so I wonder what’s going on. That gate revenue number is pathetic.

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