Gaston announcement coming

TORONTO — Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston today confirmed that he expects to sit down with general manager J.P. Ricciardi this week to hammer out the details of Gaston’s contract going forward. Gaston said he believes an announcement regarding his and the coaching staff’s status going forward could come during this homestand.

“I think J.P. and I are going to talk some time this week, hopefully,” Gaston said. “We’re going to try to get together and, hopefully, it’ll happen this week. I don’t know if it’s going to be today, tomorrow or whatever. I’m pretty sure it’ll be before we go on the road anyway.”

Blue Jays president and CEO Paul Godfrey wouldn’t confirm whether or not the forthcoming announcement signaled that Ricciardi would be back as the GM in 2009. Godfrey did offer some criticism about Ricciardi’s declaration in early August that Gaston was going to be back in the manager’s seat next year.

“As I said at the beginning, everybody is going to be evaluated at the end,” Godfrey said. “J.P. is the one who announced that Cito would be coming back. That should have been done at the end of the season, but that’s something that I concur with. So I guess there’s nothing more I can say about that one.”

Some injury updates: Shaun Marcum is having an MRI on his right arm on Thursday and is unlikely to make his next start; Scott Downs (right foot) is still day to day and unlikely to pitch again, if you ask me; and Rod Barajas is still day to day with tight left hamstring and also undergoing an MRI on Thursday.

The Blue Jays also plan on picking up Barajas’ $2.5 million club option for 2009. That being the case, this could be the end of the line for catcher Gregg Zaun in Toronto. The Jays will still likely want a veteran backup to Barajas next year, so there’s always the possibility, while remote, that Zaun returns.

Today’s lineups:

BALTIMORE (67-82) at TORONTO (80-71)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Brian Roberts, 2B
Nick Markakis, RF
Melvin Mora, 3B
Aubrey Huff, 1B
Ramon Hernandez, C
Adam Jones, CF
Oscar Salazar, DH
Lou Montanez, LF
Juan Castro, SS

PITCHING: RHP Brian Bass (3-4, 4.84)

Joe Inglett, 2B
Marco Scutaro, SS
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Adam Lind, LF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Scott Rolen, 3B
Gregg Zaun, C
Travis Snider, DH

PITCHING: LHP David Purcey (3-6, 5.10)


Sounds like Paul Godfrey is getting tired of JP’s big mouth, just like the fans, other teams and players from other teams are.

GSJ – thank you for the link. I calculated all the players salaries in 2009 who are expected to be here next year and added a million here and there to the “young players” and it added up to $75.50 (rounded) I was being kind when I added the raises to guys like Lind, Janssen, Snider and Carlson amongst others. The young guys I just mentioned aren’t even arbirtration eligible yet so the jays don’t have to worry about there salaries too much because it’s controlled for the time being. Anyway, assuming that the payroll will be around 100 million again that will leave them with roughly 20 to 25 million to spend this offseason (give or take a few million on the young guys.) More then enough to pursue a big bat free agent. J.P. has already said they’ll look into Manny. I’m not saying it’s likely but they obviously do have money to spend if he’s even thinking about signing someone like that. Again though thank you for the link.

**more than.
By the way I realize that he was talking about next year, but when he said (roughly 97 million) that was this years payroll.

You are missing three important points in your analysis. The first one is revenue related. The biggest contributor to the equalization plan as you know has been the NY Yanks. One of the larger receipients has been the Blue Jays. Next year, with their new stadium opening, under the existing rules NY could in fact be a receiver, instead of a giver. So unless baseball change the rules, this will have serious impact on dollars the Jays receive under this program. I’m not sure how much that loss will be, but it could mean as much as 5-10 million.

Second, it’s very difficult to sign any free agent for only one year and the biggest problem the Jays have starts in 2010. Under the existing contracts, payroll will jump over $20 million in 2010, before anyone else is added.

Third, the total number quoted on that web page DOES NOT include salaries of all the minor leagurers. The Jays, like other MLB teams are responsible for all minor league player salaries.

So, all in all, I think what the guy said is true, of course he might be off by a few bucks, but the reality of the situation is unless Mr. Ted Rogers is prepared to lose more money per year than he already is, I wouldn’t be looking for much. That’s why I think it’s a smart move to make Snider DH and focus the limited resources on replacing Overbay or Rolen ( preferabley both), neither of which are producing the numbers we need.

JP can say and generally does say a lot of things, little of which is true or accurate. There are two chances of Manny coming here-slim and none. JP doesn’t set the budget, Rogers does, and Manny will be looking for 3-5 years at 25 mill per year-we cannot afford that.

Has Snider every played the infield at any level, specifically 1st base?

Had to go out tonight so no game for me.It looks like Snider is making a case to be with the Jays next year,good for him.

G. I don’t think It matters what Godfrey says because he dosen’t have a contract for next year and JP dose.

I don’t believe Snider has played any other position other than outfielder. You gotta be impressed with this kid, 44 at bats in the majors, hitting .341, 2 hr’s, and 10 RBI’s. If he keeps hitting like this, I can not imagine why we would spend good money to sign a designated DH. This 4 outfielder rotation gives Cito all kinds of flexibility, and also means we can spend money elsewhere.

I remember an interview with Lind the first year he was up and hitting better here than he did in the minors. Someone asked him why that was and he stated simply-the lighting is better and he could see the ball better. Makes sense if you think about it, a lot of the minor league parks are not as well lit as mlb stadiums and the majority of games are at night.
Snider hit better in Syracuse than New Hampshire (as did Lind) and he’s hitting about the same here as he was in Syracuse. Although, I don’t expect him to keep up the torrid pace he’s on without bumps in the road, I do expect him to continue what he’s done at every level he’s been at and that is hit well with risp. Give this kid a couple of years under Cito and his crew and we might have someone special.

Did anyone see Godfrey on OTR today? Pretty non-committal, if you ask me. Makes me think that he wont be back next year. It also sounded like his decission will come before anything on JP. So it will be up to Godfrey’s successor to decide JP’s fate.

does does does there thats better.

bma – based on what i’ve heard and read I think you’re more likely to see Lind play first over Snider. I think it would be wise for the Jays to explore the possibility of using Overbay as trade bait and using Lind to take over first if they plan on keeping Snider up.

GS – Your first point was never brought up to me before hence why I missed it. I have to admit though I don’t know how that stuff works at all so I wont bother getting into that with you.
Secondly, I don’t expect the Jays to offer a bunch of 1 year contracts and expect to land anybody of quality. What I do expect though is for them to offer 2 to 3 yrs max. at guys like Giambi, Manny, or even Raul friggin Ibanez. At their age they wont get offered much more if at all. After the first year they can always use that player as trade bait. Few teams will say no to a short contract assuming the guy is still producing. They wont need to get much in return if all they’re doing is dumping salary.
Third, I was under the impression that every major league team is only responsible for the 40 man payroll and that minor leagues are separate. I guess I was wrong though but i’ll look into that further and get back to you.

In regards to your last paragraph I had a feeling that something like that was coming (implying that J.P. is a constant liar) and that may be true but I have nothing to counter that point so I wont bother.
Well argued points though, I may well be wrong about what i’ve said but that was definitaly one of the better debates i’ve had here.
Regardless of how much they have I think they should look into to trading Ryan if possible. I’ve said it many times the money they have spent on Ryan would be better suited on trying to bring A.J. back or help bring the big bat. With the depth they have in the ‘pen Ryan is more easily replaceable than Burnett or the missing bat.
Done for the night, take care everyone.

P.s. Great to see Stairs go long today. (highlight on sportsnet)

Tampa Bay wacked Boston 10-3 and pulled two games and more importantly 3 games ahead in the loss column. I can’t see Boston catching them now and I don’t see Boston winning against LA in the first round.

An American league final of LA and TB should be a dog fight, although the experience factor goes to LA.

Why on earth would you want Ibanez, he’s a 36 yr old left fielder making 5.5 mill per year. We already have two young lf’s who will both hit for higher average, more hr’s and more rbi’s and cost major league minimum-or close to that.

Bringing AJ back is also something we cannot afford and doesn’t solve our problem. Look at it this way, AJ’s had the best year in his career and we’re struggling to win 3rd place. He will cost close to 20 mill per year and if we sign him, we can kiss our hitter goodbye.
What we need is a huge 4th hole hitter who plays 1st or 3rd base, not dh., more production from ss and a legitimate lead off hitter. My choice for the 4th hole guy is Tiexera, sign him-pay him the 20 mill per year and trade Overbay.

Rolen is a huge problem and frankly I don’t see us getting out of that deal without a huge hit. I liked the deal when done, and do not fault JP for this one, but I think it’s also time to cut bait. Ryan, I expect to come back next year, I have little faith Rolen will and a 3rd baseman who hits 10-15 hr’s isn’t worth 11 mill per year. In addition, we need a big bat at 3rd base and Rolen isn’t it. If we had Glaus’s production there this year, we’d have got closer to contending.

I would also like to see us sign Orlando Hudson, move HIll to short and we solve our ss production issue and lead off hitter issue. So I’d spend the money on Tiexera and Hudson, solving 3 problems. Trading Overbay would almost cover Hudson’s salary and the team has speed, balance and production. The big problem is Rolen.

Love Hudson but I think it would be cheaper to keep Mighty Joe to play second and move Hill to short like you said.
As for signing Tiexera I doubt the Jays will stand a chance since the Yankees have their eye on him.
You can bet your bottom dollar that JP will sign Ibanez since he could not make a deal before the July deadline,You know the EGO thing.
Rolens bat is working very well now but can he come back sound next year only time will tell.
In the last two months Overbay has looked like the Overbay of old, If he comes back next year and hits/plays the same way he has in the last two months he will be worth keeping.
I for one would trade Rios for a #2 starter because I don’t think Rios will improve and we have three outfeilders now with Wells Lind and Snider.
Our Starting pitchen may be a problem next year.We have Halladay for sure and Litsch,Marcum is in limbo Purcey is not ready by the looks of it,McGowan who knows,and if Burnett opts out what have we got left.
I think they should trade BJ and shore up the bullpen some more,They have at least three pitchers that can take over the closers role,I would like to see Carlson take a shot at it.
By the looks of it it dosen’t look like Godfrey is going to be back.With luck the new Prez may fire JP let us pray or God forbid JP may wind up as the new president.

What are your thoughts on next year .
Who would you keep and who would you get rid of by trade or cut.
How do you see our pitchen staff next year.
Do you think we need a big bat and if you do who would you go after.
What are your thoughts on Hill moving to Short.
Do you think Hudson would be the right choice for second or Mighty Joe.
Should they keep BJ or trade him.

It is starting to sound like Godfey won’t be renewed. If that’s the case, then JP is likely gone as well. I think Godfrey has been JP’s only support.
I hope that is the case, there needs to be a change. I hope Rogers pick Gillick as President, now that would energize this team and the fans.

Good clean debates going on.

I tend to think that the Jays have at least over 20 million to spend. Here’s why:

Burnett could in theory return next year (though he won’t). He does have a contract (about 10 mil?)
Before the start of the season, Thomas was signed potentially through next year.

That means that if gs is right, Ricciardi would have inevitably been over budget next year with those 2 guys. I doubt he’d be authorized to do that.

Maybe this is a good question for Jordan’s mail bag.

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