Settled In

It occurred to me this morning that being distracted by my BlackBerry isn’t always a bad thing. Take my cab ride to the airport for example. Browsing the web helped me avoid the realization that I was probably a lot closer to my demise than I would’ve desired. It was only when I glanced up for a moment that I realized my driver was drifting in and out of lanes at a very uncomfortable speed.

But, I made it, and after having to connect through Houston, and battling it out with the rental car place in an effort to avoid driving the boat they wanted to give me, I found my way to my condo here in Clearwater. So what if my place here doesn’t have hot water at the moment. Ugh. At least I’m here, and this travel day is over with.

I’ve been up since 3:30 a.m., so I’m gonna hit the ol’ sack here in a minute. I always enjoy the first day in Florida, though. Lack of sleep or not, it’s always fun to drive across the causeway from Tampa, saying goodbye to winter and hello to another baseball season. The grocery shopping is done, I hit up PF Changs for dinner, and now it’s time to get to work.

Talk to you all from the Bobby Mattick in the morning.



Nice!! Our MLB reporter is now in Florida for Spring Training. Finally time for things to get underway. Looking forward to your reports and impressions from spring training.

PF Changs is one the best places too chow. Big portions and the atmosphere is great!

I would assume a runner like you would run across the Causeway instead of driving across. LOL!!

That would be quite a run. From where I’m at, it’d be about 13 miles to the Tampa side of the causeway. I doubt I’ll be running all the way across this spring! Maybe I’ll go halfway and turn around 🙂 We’ll see, I’m still fighting a nagging right leg injury since my last marathon in January.


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