Good to see you. How was your offseason?

That, in a sense, sums up Day 1 at Spring Training for us scribes. Unless you’re Robby MacLeod of the Globe and you’re feeling extra motivated to run around and do interviews, the first day at camp is basically chilling out, chatting with players and coaches and just enjoying the start of another season.

I’m sure Yankees camp is a little different. But, for the most part, the Bobby Mattick is a relaxed atmosphere with a handful of reporters hanging out between the clubhouse and the practice fields. For the beginning of camp, we’ve got myself, MacLeod, Griff from the Star, Sandler from the Post and Elliott from the Sun.

Today wasn’t mandatory for any players to be in camp and tomorrow isn’t either. Tomorrow is the “reporting” date, which means pitchers and catchers just have to be in the area. Physicals are on Sunday and the first official workout will be held on Monday. Today, there were some bullpens thrown, some hitters taking BP and some other light drills going on.

Most of the pitchers are in camp, and a handful of position players have arrived already as well. Off the top of my head, I spotted John McDonald, Aaron Hill, Russ Adams, Curtis Thigpen, J.P. Arencibia, Michael Barrett, Adam Lind and Travis Snider, as far as position players go.

Hill mentioned that I looked “a little beefed up” today, but I quickly corrected him and said, “No, you mean a little puffed up.” I guess taking three weeks off from running — dealing with a right leg issue since my last marathon in january — has helped me pack on a few pounds again. Good thing it’s Spring Training! I’ll be using the next six weeks to whip myself back into game shape, as long as there are so many Minor League deals being tossed around.

Speaking of which, the recently-departed Dirk Hayhurst is back in the fold once again. Hayhurst, if you’ve been following closely, was acquired off waivers from the Padres in October — only to be relased earlier this week to clear room on the 40-man roster for Matt Bush. Today, Hayhurst inked a Minors deal to stick with the Jays after all.

Chatted with Roy Halladay today about the state of the game and the whole A-Rod steroids admission and you’ll see that story up on today. We also discussed the state of the team and you’ll be reading something on that a little later. As far as the rotation, Halladay did say he wouldn’t mind seeing some of the younger arms stepping up and earning those spots.

He also said that, at the end of last season, he thought the Jays were going to be a lot more active over the winter. Halladay said he understands the situation, but he obviously would’ve loved to have seen the club go out and make some big pick-ups, including re-upping A.J. Burnett. As for his contract situation, Halladay doesn’t want to discuss it with the season being underway now.



  1. lndigo

    Congratulations to Ernie Whitt , Larry Walker, Bernie Soulliere and the late Roy Miller for their induction into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame . Go Canada in the WBC and go Jays in 2009

  2. reanapalooza

    It’s that time of year again…

    Can’t wait to hear what Roy has to say about the state of the team. Should be another good read.

    Looking forward to seeing some spring training snaps!
    Thanks in advance,


  3. reanapalooza

    It’s that time of year again…

    Can’t wait to hear what Roy has to say about the state of the team. Should be another good read.

    Looking forward to seeing some spring training snaps!
    Thanks in advance,


  4. 92bluejays93

    gotta love this time of year. cant wait to watch the jays on TV. this year wont be nearly as bad as We’ve been reading. The past two years things have been very optimistic only to backfire so who knows what will happen this year. I say Wells- .297 avg. 28 hrs. 100 rbi
    Rios- .291 avg. 26 hrs. 92 rbi
    Overbay- 280 avg. 17 hrs. 75 rbi
    Rolen- 275 avg. 14 hrs. 70 rbi
    Barajas- 250 avg. 9 hrs. 49 rbi
    Snider- 265 avg. 18 hrs. 59 rbi
    Hill- 288 avg 11 hrs. 65 rbi

    Agree, Disagree lets hear it.


    Rios-298 avg. 32 hrs. 105 rbi.
    Overbay/Millar-280 avg. 30 hrs. 90 rbi.
    Rolen-275 avg. 25 hrs.90 rbi.
    Barajas/backup-265 avg. 18 hrs. 58 rbi.
    Snider-310 avg. 32 hrs. 95 rbi.
    Hill-302 avg.18 hrs. 75 rbi.
    Lind-295 avg. 35 hrs. 102 rbi.
    Wells-320 avg.42 hrs. 130 rbi.
    Scuttaro/J.Mac-265 avg.12 hrs. 72 rbi.
    We have to beleive or all is lost.
    All of these players have the ability to do what I posted above.

  6. gsjays

    So if Millar makes the team how much are we paying him to perform at the MLB level and which one of the following do we dump: Macdonald, Scutaro, Bautista (with his brand new 2.4 mill. contract) or Inglett? Or do we send Snider back to AAA and forget about the kid movement. My take is it should be between Bautista and Millar sense they’re both rh batters and Scutaro and Macdonald have other talents.

    I personally think Millar is done and wonder why we signed him, but if he stays at AAA in case of injury he wont hurt us; if one of the other guys are sent down or released he will.

    The one guy in the lineup I think who’s going to have a huge year is Alex Rios-this is the year Alex fullfills his potential. It would not surprise me to see him hit 35-40 hrs, drive in 120 and hit .310-320. He’s overdue and Cito’s influence on him will be huge.

  7. 92bluejays93

    garryguy- your right any of those numbers could happen however never in a million years all in the same season.
    gsjays- Im also looking forward to see a big year from Rios.

    What do you guys want to see as our rotation? here is my picks.
    1. Halladay 1. Halladay
    2. Litsch 2. Mcgowan
    3. Jansen 3. Litsch
    4.purcey 4. Jansen
    5.romero 5.purcey/ Romero

    Forget losers like Clement, Maroth, burres, or below average players from Japan. Get guys who could be the next generation of pitchers not players who were good in 2004!

  8. gsjays


    Jansen-if healthy
    Romero/Cecil or Brad Mills

    I’m concerned about Jansen being 100%, not many guys come back from that injury and perform like they used to-but if anyone can its Jansen.

    Of all the “projects” signed, I think the only one who has a chance is Clements who had the same type of surgury that Jansen did a couple of years ago, and feels he has something to prove.

    I’d be concerned if Cecil started, its only his second year as a starter and I think he needs more time to stretch out or we risk hurting him.
    Mills has been special at each level he’s been at, needs time in AAA, but is the dark horse. Ricky Romero, I think could be the guy. He’s always had great stuff, but only got his BB’s down the last 10 starts of last year and the pitched really well. He’s been around for awahile and I think he’s motivated, to make the leap. Someone will need to get inside his head and chill him out-that job belongs to Purcey.
    All 3 of these guys should be knocking at the door in September or for sure next spring.

    Someone needs to teach Richmond a pitch to get LH hitters out, although he could be a good RH specialist our of the pen.

    Considering we are looking to 2010, I’d prefer to see Cecil, Romero and Mills start at AAA and hopefully Clements and Jansen can hold down the fort until McGowan gets back in June/July-May isn’t happening.

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