Clement holds court

Matt Clement joined us in the media workroom a little while ago and chatted with us scribes for a solid 20 minutes. With today being physicals day, and Clement still making his way back from a major shoulder operation, the first question was made somewhat in jest.

“You pass your physical?” asked one reporter.

“I did good,” said a smiling Clement.

Clement didn’t go into detail on what the doctor said, but did say he thought the doc was surprised that the pitcher’s shoulder was in as good of shape as it is. Clement said he doesn’t feel like he has any limitations right now and he’s looking forward to taking advantage of this competition for rotation jobs.

“I think I’m in a good situation,” Clement said.

Clement is also looking forward to working with pitching coach Brad Arnsberg again. The pair worked together during spring 2002 until Clement was traded by the Marlins to the Cubs. Clement said in that brief period, Arnsberg helped get him in line mechanically, and he thinks that’s a main reason he had such success that year (career highs in innings and strikeouts).

Clement said he threw six times off a mound before coming to camp and he’s starting working breaking balls into the mix. From talking to him, Clement sounds confident that he’s going to have a good spring. Of course, doesn’t every player seem that way when camp opens? If Clement is near his former form, though, the Jays might have a solid option there.

He might want to consider regrowing his well-known goatee. Clement showed up to the Mattick clean shaven and said people were having a tough time recognizing him.



  1. gsjays

    I think if any of the reclamation projects work out it’s Matt Clement. I remember reading an interview of him last year in which he expressed strong desire to get back to MLB to prove he could recover from the surgury he had. Personal drive like that might help him make it and I hope he does.

  2. gsjays

    Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd has long felt the game of baseball was taken away from him far too soon. He was 31 years old when he threw his last pitch for the Texas Rangers in 1991. But now, at age 49, Boyd believes his shoulder is stronger than ever. He says his velocity is up in the low 90s and the 12-6 curveball and changeup have returned. He wants a chance to show a major league team he can still pitch. “I have nothing to lose, and all a major league team has to lose is 15 minutes,” said Boyd. “Give me 15 minutes and I’ll show I can still pitch. That’s all I want.”

    Boston Globe

    Here you go JP, another reclamation project. I must admit it’s amazing if he’s back up to the low 90’s



    If Oil Can still thinks he is hitting 90 m.p.h. on the gun, he needs too put down the crack pipe! He barely hit that when he was younger and in his prime. He should be in a circus or something, that guy is a clown! The definition of a hothead is Boyd!

  4. gsjays

    Hey, maybe he’s on the same juice A-Rod uses-you know that special HGH formula. Or it could be the stuff Clemens used. Magic drugs that make you hit farther, throw faster.etc. Always liked his nickname though, I mean what’s not to like about Oil Can.

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