Locked down

There’s an older security guard named Jim who’s here every year. Today, as usual, he’s parked in a fold-up chair outside the Blue Jays’ clubhouse. He’s been here since 7 a.m., and he’s been guarding a locked door.

Still not much going on in the way of player sightings. I think I might’ve spotted Shawn Camp briefly, but it was from a distance and I could be wrong. Coaches have been coming in and out of the building here, but they’re all headed over to the ballpark to sit down with the front-office types for some meetings.

Bench coach Brian Butterfield, bullpen coach Bruce Walton, pitching coach Brad Arnsberg and third base coach Nick Leyva have all poked their heads into the media room to say hello. Just spotted hitting coach Gene Tenace and, hey! Jays closer B.J. Ryan just strolled by. No rest for the Beej.

Walton left only a few minutes after arriving, and before he headed out the door he held up a thin book with a Blue Jays logo on the cover and smiled: “Well, that’s all the work I’m doing here today. I’ve got to go read up on all my new players.”

NEW SIGHTINGS: Roy Halladay, Jesse Litsch, Matt Clement, Brandon League. Gold stars all around. Day off? Not for these guys.


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  1. gsjays

    Halladay wouldn’t mind seeing some of Toronto’s prospects emerge as legitimate Major Leaguers this spring.
    “I’d like to see some of the young guys be able to step in,” Halladay said, “guys that are going to be a part of the organization for a long time. To be able to establish themselves, I think would be great.

    ***Looks like Halliday wants the young bucks here like we do, in order to build for next year and beyond. I hope he has have further conversations with JP regarding guys like Snider and Arrencibia, instead of Millar and Barrett. His input is important.

    It could also be that Halliday’s influence on some of the young pitchers would be more valuable than sending them down to AAA-specifically Ricky Romero.

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