Happy Canada Day!

Team Canuck is in Dunedin for a friendly against your Toronto Blue Jays, but word is we’re still going to sing my anthem today. There were some players wondering if only O Canada was going to be played today.

“Only one anthem?” asked catcher Michael Barrett.

I suggested he take the field pregame and belt it out in French. He laughed and then replied, “I can. Maybe the last game of the spring, if I make the team. I’ll have to sing fast so no one notices if my pronunciation is off.”

Some pregame items: Blue Jays skip Cito Gaston said Lyle Overbay will make his spring debut tomorrow at first base. … Casey Janssen is down to pitch 1-2 innings tomorrow, his first game action of the spring. … Vernon Wells is taking plenty of BP, but doesn’t know when he’s scheduled to begin testing his sore left hammy out with some running drills. … Cito said Ricky Romero (six walks among 10 batters faced yesterday) was using a slide step way too much yesterday, even when runners weren’t on base. Said the young lefty was working way too fast and it hurt his delivery.

Had a funny chat with Jays broadcaster Jamie Campbell today. CP’s Shi Davidi and I were suggesting that he work some Anchorman references into his broadcasts this year and he brought up a funny call he reportedly once made. JC said he read online that he once said “Let’s all admire Vernon’s ding dong” after a Wells home run. “I used the phrase ‘ding dong’ once in my career, and it wasn’t after a Wells’ homer. But people think I said that. It’s even on Wikipedia!” So, apparently, it wasn’t Wells’ ding dong that Campbell was admiring. Case closed.

Today’s lineup:

Chris Barnwell, SS
Russell Martin, C
Joey Votto, LF
Justin Morneau, 1B
Jason Bay, CF
Mark Teahan, 3B
Matt Stairs, RF
Corey Koskie, DH
Pete Orr, 2B

Scott Richmond, P

Joe Inglett, LF
Russ Adams, 2B
Scott Campbell, 3B
Jason Lane, CF
Michael Barrett, C
Randy Ruiz, 1B
Adam Loewen, RF
Buck Coats, DH
John McDonald, SS

Mike Maroth, P



That “ding dong” comment is hilarious! I love listening to JC…especially the post games. What do you think of Jason Lane so far? His stats look pretty good (I know it’s spring) but he did have a pretty good year with Houston in ’05. Does he make the team in your eyes?

Lane doesn’t make the team unless a few bodies go down. He’s having a nice spring so far, though, yes. He’ll open at Triple-A and provide the Jays with some depth.


Talking about Jamie Campbell, he had an interesting statement on his blog about Adam Lind. It loks like Snider wasn’t the only one busting weights in the off season.

“Adam Lind is a monster. His playing weight last year was a shade over 200 pounds. This spring, he’s checking in around 220, and it’s noticeable. Add the scruffy beard, and Lind looks one buffet table away from being an in-shape Greg Luzinski.
Seriously, this is a good sign. Lind has always had a knack for hitting, and he’s bound to run into his share of long balls. But I’m certain I read Cito Gaston wanting 30 homers from Adam, and the way he’s built right now, it may not be out of the question.
Lind told me he never used protein shakes and supplements (the good kind) until this winter, and the added muscle hasn’t messed with his mechanics. It sounds like he’s taking the full-time DH role – if that’s his destiny – quite seriously.”

Its great to have baseball back on TV! Looks like we might need that depth in the outfield this year, seeing as Vernon has already tweeked something. Campbell is looking promising. He is a guy I will keep an eye this year in AAA, assuming they don’t send he back to NH AA.

It was nice to see Koskie back after his long ordeal, I hope all his problems are behind him . Always good to see Matt Stairs, he is certainly a fan favourite ….go team Canada and go Jaysss

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