Team America World Police

Pulled into the media lot this morning and was blocked off by Team USA’s bus, which was surrounded by quite the police motorcade. There were probably a half-dozen police motorcycles and a handful of cop cars as well.

Joking around, I asked the security guard, “What, is Obama here today?”

With no apparent sense of humor, he looked at me blankly and replied, “No. Team USA is here.” Geez, lighten up, man. I didn’t REALLY think Obama was going to be at Dunedin Stadium today. He’d be in Tuscon with the White Sox anyway.

Some pregame bits: So, I guess manager Cito Gaston misspoke yesterday when he said Lyle Overbay was going to be in the starting lineup today. This morning, he said he meant to say Friday night. So no Lyle today. I know you all were on the edge of your seat. … Casey Janssen is set to make his spring debut today. Cito says he’ll only throw an inning. … Someone reported somewhere that Cito said Inglett would be the starting CF on Opening Day if Vernon is out. Not true. What Cito actually said was that Inglett is the No. 1 choice behind Wells and Alex Rios. In all likelihood, Rios is in CF on Opening Day. … Word is that Wells has been held back another week in terms of when he can resume running drills. His status for Opening Day is unclear. I say he could open as the DH. He could just as easily open on the DL. … Off-day on Thursday. On Friday, the Jays have another B game. In the A game, Roy Halladay is skedded to pitch 3 innings. Also scheduled to appear in that game against the Phils, Brandon League, Brian Tallet, Jason Frasor, Jesse Carlson and Shawn Camp. … Cito often mentions today’s starter, Brad Mills, first when asked about what young pitchers have impressed him this spring. Gaston said he’s been not only impressed with the  lefty’s stuff, but also with his makeup. That will certainly be put to the test here against the US lineup.

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Today’s lineup:

Shane Victorino, RF
Jimmy Rollins, SS
Chipper Jones, 3B
David Wright, DH
Adam Dunn, 1B
Ryan Braun, LF
Mark DeRosa, 2B
Chris Iannetta, C
Curtis Granderson, CF

Ted Lilly, P

Joe Inglett, LF
Aaron Hill, 2B
Adam Lind, DH
Kevin Millar, 1B
Jason Lane, CF
Scott Rolen, 3B
Travis Snider, RF
Raul Chavez, C
John McDonald, SS

Brad Mills, P
Matt Clement, P
Casey Janssen, P



  1. crazy19canuck

    Some people have no sense of humour at all! Hope Doc is having a good spring. Have fun down there today!

  2. dt005

    Nice to see the pitchers do well against that allstar lineup. It was a little test for Mills, Clement and Janssen and I would have to say they all plassed. The rotation might not be as doomed as everyone thinks. Still early but some positive things coming out of camp.


    JB – can you summarize your feelings about camp so far? So many of these players I’ve never heard of, I sometimes get confused who is on what team, while I am twittering the games (which is fun for anyone who isn’t doing it).

    I think Obama would love to be at Dunedin Stadium more than anything right now. Who wouldn’t.

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    I’m surprised you didn’t get the “***** **** ********” speech from that security guard.

    Anywho, I hope we don’t have to put Inglett in center this year. Then we’d be in trouble. However, he is clearly one of the fastest players on the team.

  5. mylegacy


    Cito has been playing up Mills almost from the start of camp. Seems he often mentions Mills before Cecil. No question these are two intelligent lefties with stuff, control and command – what’s not to like?

    Any chance we see Halladay (R), Cecil (L), Litsch (R), Millis (L), Clement (R) to start the season with Richmond ready to step in, McGowan ready by June(ish) and Janssen ready when he’s been lengthened out at AAA?

    Keep up the good work!

  6. gsjays

    What’s not to like about Mills, he’s mowed them down at every level he’s been at so far and seems to improve at each level.
    Nice to see Dopriak have a good game, it will be interesting to see if he’s finally got his swing nailed and handles AAA pitching and maintains the power. If he can, we have an in house option to replace Overbay-would that ever be an early xmas present.
    I hope we keep Wells out until he’s solid, if we bring him back too quickly, he’s going to go down again. Besides, history has shown we win more games when Wells isn’t playing. Maybe there’s a msessage there.
    I think Purcey makes the rotation, I’m just not sure who the other two are. I’d expect if Cito is that high on Mills and Clement performs well, then Cecil might go to AAA. It’s a long spring training though with 32 days left before opening day, so lots can happen yet.
    One way or the other though, I’d say 3 lefty high quality prospects and 4 once Rickie gets straightened away is a nice problem to have.

  7. okgojays

    Mills has been good so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Clement as I’m sure everyone was expecting him to be the next Tomo Ohka/John Thompson, but I’ve always liked him. Its too early to predict the rotation but I don’t understand why the brass has Purcey penciled in the #3 spot, make him earn it, Cecil and Mills look as/ more prepared than him.

    Vernon’s ambition is applaudable but boy does he ever have a case of the injury bug, if its this frustrating for us I can only imagine what its like for him. Hes a good played and I’m sure will turn in a great year this year.

    Gotta love Travis Snider, this guy was born to hit. I’ll go ahead and call his line this year out right now: .290, 22 jacks, 85 rbi’s. Ceiling is wayy higher though, and I believe by June hes hitting #5 in the lineup and remains there.

  8. gsjays

    Hey with A-Rod going down for 10-12 weeks, I wonder if the Yanks would be interested in Rolen?
    Could we be so lucky?

  9. terence1

    Assuming you mean Halladay as in Doc,I think that deal isn’t near enough and it’s too soon to think about.Keeping the ace in the fold is important this season untill we see how the likes of Cecil,Purcey and Mills are going to develop.Even if only one of them step up this season,next year this club would have an awsome rotation for 2010 with Doc being the ace and Marcum and Mcgowan backand healthy.The earliest I would trade Doc is the trade deadline and only if someone totally overwhelmed me.

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