Halla-Day Drama

The official announcement for the four-team, nine-player deal that would send Roy Halladay to the Phillies and Cliff Lee to the Mariners was expected to come today. Right now, there appears to be some sort of hold up.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun tweeted: “We’re hearing someone involved in the trade flunked their physical.”

I’m hearing that it is not Halladay or Lee and Shi Davidi of the Canadian Press has confirmed that it is not Phillippe Aumont (going from M’s to Phils in the proposed swap).

UPDATE: Larry Stone of the Seattle Times reports that the issue is not with any of the Mariners prospects.

UPDATE: That leaves Brett Wallace, Michael Taylor, Kyle Drabek and Travis d’Arnaud. My money is on it being either Wallace or Taylor, but I don’t have that confirmed at all.

UPDATE: Hearing that it’s done and the Jays plan on holding a press conference around 5 pm.

More as I hear…



  1. yerouttaheah

    The deal maker was Lee to Seattle for prospects. That freed up the items the Jays wanted for Doc. The loser here is Seattle. They gave up 3 good prospects for Lee, who will likely walk in a year to chase the big bucks.

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