The doctor is out

It’s done. The Phillies are planning a press conference for 5 p.m. to unveil ace Roy Halladay as the newest addition to their staff and the Blue Jays will hold a press conference at the same time in Toronto.

After some last-minute drama — online reports indicated that one of the Minor Leaguers involved in the four-team trade between the Jays, Phillies, Mariners and A’s failed a physical — the clubs put the finishing touches on the offseason blockbuster.

The breakdown:

To the Phillies from the Blue Jays: Halladay and $6 million

To the Blue Jays from the Phillies: Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, Travis d’Arnaud

To the Mariners from the Phillies: Cliff Lee

To the Phillies from the Mariners: Phillippe Aumont, Tyson Gillies, J.C. Ramirez 

The Blue Jays then traded Taylor to Oakland for prospect Brett Wallace.

–Jordan Bastian


  1. 92bluejays93

    Who projects to be a better bat Snider or Wallace? anyways i think that this trade plus are surplus of draft picks will go along way to boost our week farm system

  2. gsjays

    Congratulations to AA for pulling off a trade in which we get a better prospect haul than was gotten for Sabathia, Santana or Lee under very trying circumstances created by his predecessor. Two of three look to be high impact players and the 3rd-d’Arnaud, a solid prospect.

    Wallace, Lind and Snider give us 3 power left handed bats all capable of hitting 30-40 home runs a year for many years to come and imo, it’s a toss up as to which one will ultimately be the best bat. We will relish going into Yankee stadium in a couple of years after these kids start performing to their capabilities.

    Drabek, along with Rzep, Romero, Cecil, Jenkins, Alvarez, Marcum. Litsch and McGowan if he comes back will give us a strong rotation depth, although, it will take until 2011 or 12 to really see this come to pass.

    The 9 draft picks we have in the first 3 rounds this year and the fact that most of last years top draftees will only start this year, combined with proper scouting, means we should have strong new prospects entering the system this year. A couple of years like this and our minor league system will be bubbling with talent to consistently supply either new players or trade chips to keep building the team.

    I’d say all in all, the future looks bright for the first time for a long long time in Blue Jay land.

  3. gsjays

    Interesting news conference.
    I think the Jays scouts believe Wallace will break out this year and potentially become the top hitting prospect in baseball. They could be right, since he’s only had 2 years in pro ball and under 800 at bats.
    They do believe his best position is at 1st base. They also believe he has more upside than Taylor.
    That being said, I expect to see Overbay traded before spring, Dopirak called up giving him an opportunity while Wallace gets more at bats in the minors and spends time adjusting to 1st base. It might be Dopirak takes off and Wallace stays at 3rd making EE a trade chip or it could be both EE and Dopirak are packaged to get a 3rd base prospect with as high of a ceiling as Wallace.
    Nice problem to have for a change, when you really think about it.

  4. inception

    With all the excitement, permutations and combinations of players, I do hope that Dopriak gets a shot at first. He really has put up some great numbers and deserves to exhibit at the major-league level. Also, if we hope to sign our draft picks, it will take more than money. We need to demonstrate that the Blue Jays’ farm system is one where if you play well and excel, you will get a chance to play at the major-league level. Letting Dopriak and some of the other players have their shot will help to build confidence in the system, hopefully increasing our success rate when it comes to signing the picks.

  5. lndigo

    Congrats Doc on the change of uniform . Hopefully this will give you the chance to pitch in the postseason , you have earned it . I will miss watching you at the Rogers Centre but look forward to watching you pitch in the WS .

  6. lndigo

    Just as a side note , I dislike the pic of Doc on the Jays’ homepage , he just doesn’t look good in red … is a much better colour for him . Wells atleast has 2 arms that are the same colour now so things are looking up …lol

  7. welikeroywelikeroy

    Saw the Jays signed Lance Broadway today. At one time, a pretty promising prospect in the White Sox system found his way on the Mets last year. He hasn’t done well enough in the minors to deserve more MLB playing time, but I like how AA is thinking ‘out of the box’ on this one! The guy is currently doing very well in Venezualan Winter League ball? I don’t know how much you can read into that, but here are the numbers.

    I could see Broadway starting some games for us this year. One of the funniest lines I’ve heard in a while came from a guy on another site (MLBtraderumours), saying:

    Lance Broadway? The Jays got a porn star?

  8. gsjays

    Burt-AA said Wallace will start in AAA, in order to get some more at bats and get re-acquainted at 1st base, Drabek in AA and d’Arnaud in Dunedin A+.
    I expect Drabek to be promoted quickly to AAA, and I think if Overbay is traded and I believe he will be next on the block to go, then I expect Dopirak will open the season with us. If we don’t trade Overbay, then maybe they’ll move Dopirak over to 3rd base at Vegas for a big chunk of the season.

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