The Fans Have Spoken

Last night on Twitter, I posted this fan poll:


Since this is a highly unscientific poll, and many of the people who responded felt that simply one answer for each question was not enough, I tallied votes for any players mentioned (within reason). So, you Jays fans have spoken. The results are as follows…

Best Hitter of the First Half

1. Jose Bautista – 36 votes
2. Vernon Wells – 22 votes
3. Alex Gonzalez – 7 votes
4. Fred Lewis – 6 votes
5. John Buck – 4 votes

Comment: Bautista definitely won over Blue Jays fans with his first-half bombs — a Major League-high 24 to be exact. Dating back to last September, he has been one of the top power hitters in the game. He’s hit anywhere manager Cito Gaston has put him in the lineup and showed off his cannon of an arm in right field and at third base. Tough to deny the strong first-half showings from Gonzalez, Buck and Wells, but Bautista is the right choice. Lewis has been a solid addition and it’s nice to see him get some love in the voting.

Best Pitcher of the First Half

1. Shaun Marcum – 31 votes
2. Brett Cecil – 20 votes
3. Ricky Romero – 11 votes
4. Shawn Camp – 10 votes
5. Brandon Morrow – 3 votes
6. Scott Downs – 3 votes

Comment: Romero might have run away with this category if it weren’t for his last two clunkers against the Red Sox and Yankees. It is tough to decide between Marcum and Cecil, but the fans made a good choice. Sure, Marcum went through a rough patch of late and is on the disabled list (expected to be activated soon), but to do what he has done after logging zero innings in the Majors in 2009 is impressive. He looks like another Tommy John surgery success story at this point. Kudos to the voters for sending some love Camp’s way as well. He has been a reliable innings eater out of what has been an inconsistent bullpen.

Prospect fans want to see in Second Half

1. J.P. Arencibia – 35 votes
2. Brett Wallace – 23 votes
3. Kyle Drabek – 18 votes
4. Tim Collins – 5 votes
5. Adeiny Hechavarria – 3 votes
6. Darin Mastroianni – 3 votes
7. Trystan Magnuson – 1 votes
8. Brad Mills – 1 votes

Comment: The results here are no surprise. Arencibia is Toronto’s top catching prospect and Wallace and Drabek were two key components within the Roy Halladay trade. They’ve all performed at a high level this year, too. Arencibia and Wallace have teed off against PCL pitching and Drabek has shined at Double-A, even throwing a no-hitter two outings ago. Unless the Jays move first baseman Lyle Overbay, I’m not sure Wallace joins the Jays  outside of maybe being part of September call-ups. Drabek could be promoted in September as well, but that does not seem like a certainty. Arencibia is in his second season at Triple-A and he is performing at a high level. I’d like to see him with the Jays before September, but that would require the club to find a trading partner for either John Buck or Jose Molina. Given their early play, there should be a deal out there somewhere. This season is about development and looking toward the future. So why not get one of the future pieces (Arencibia) here soon? There were also votes for Travis Snider and Marc Rzepczynski, but I don’t consider them to be “prospects” any longer.

Some of the Fan Responses on Twitter

@mpriester tough to pick only one guy… I’ll go Gonzalez/Romero/ does snider count as a prospect. Cito treats him like one.

@diabloshadow probably vernon and ricky despite his bad form of late, also id like to see a pitcher come up, maybe drabek? just for experience

@HiLite8 Hitter: J. Bau. He’s really impressed me (Walks, HRs, RBIs OF Assists). Pitcher: Marcum, but Camp and Downs are right there too.

@simon_la Pitcher: Romero (minus last two starts.) Hitter: Wells, solid overall numbers. Prospect: Wallace or even Drabek if possible

@Zeke_D Tim Collins 1/2 vote – will be fun to see what he can do at MLB level once Frasor/Downs traded

@codaclothing best hitter Wells, best pitcher Camp, can’t wait to see Adeiny but realistically let’s see Arencibia finally!

@delta_vee Hitter: JoBau (.391 wOBA!). Pitcher: Downs (3.14 FIP). Prospect: Darin Mastroianni (.308/.406/.409, 33(!) swiped bags).

@KyleMatte Hitter: Bow to Bau. Pitcher: Morrow (I choose to look at the 2nd half of the 1st half). Prospect: Arencibia, he’s ready.

@MFXFulton best hitter: bautista. Best pitcher: marcum. Prospect: arencibia. Dream prospect to get called up: mastroianni: Need for speed

@coatesy71 Vernon/Marcum/Wallace. Opposites: Edwin/Tallet/Mills

@highsockmojo Hitter: A-Gon for consistency. Pitcher: Tied for Romero and Cecil. Prospect: Hesitant to say, but Arencibia.


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