Ask And You Shall Receive

Blue Jays owner Ted Rogers announced today that he was willing to increase the team’s payroll. He didn’t say whether that meant specifically for next year or for 2008 and beyond, but that’s good new for Toronto, no matter what exactly it means.

Paul Godfrey, Toronto’s president and CEO, spoke about the matter prior to Tuesday’s game, but he also was unwilling to go into specifics because the issue was in a very premature stage. He said the Jays management went to Rogers and presented the payroll issue recently, and the owner’s comments appear to signal that he was convinced more money is needed.

Godfrey wouldn’t hint whether or not a similar three-year commitment was going to be made, similar to the one Rogers made prior to last season. That’s when the owner dished out $210 million for the 2005-07 seasons. It didn’t sound as if that was going to be the plan this time around, but again, that’s just me speculating.

That’s about all the news there is on that — other than the fact that Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi opted not to comment. We probably won’t know many more details until after this year is complete. But again, this is great knews for the Jays. A $100 million payroll would be ideal, but who knows if Rogers is willing to go that high. The current payroll is at $69.5 and it’s estimated to be around $78 next year.



    How nice it is that Ted Rogers is again going to open the vault and give J.P. Riccardi more money to waste. As long as the Blue jays keep an ineffective pitching coach and a manager who doesnt use his bullpen to the best of its ability, the Jays are not going anywhere.Too many times this year I have watched Gibbons take out an effective reliever only to put in a pitcher who has already pitched two days in a row. Too many times have I watched as a struggling pitcher is left in the game until major damage has been done when there is already a reliever warm in the bullpen. I know it can be frustrating for managers in these turbulent times, so perhaps Gibbons can try punching out a wall or drink container rather than his players.


    Dickerson- I think that’s a little strong of a statement. Do you have anything to backup your claims that the Jays don’t have an effective pitching coach? Also, you just can’t blame the manager when a player comes into a game and doesn’t get the job done. Sure he’s made some mistakes, but he’s also made a lot of good calls.

    Finally, I really wish people would form there own opinions on the Gibby situation and stop regurgitating these canned lines from the local press about punching everyone and their mother. In both the Lilly situation and Hillenbrand situation mistakes were made by both parties but both situations have been completely blown out of proportion.

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