Game #92: Blue Jays at Yankees pregame

Toronto (45-46) at New York (45-44)
at 7:05 p.m. ET at Yankee Stadium

Today’s lineups:

Reed Johnson, LF
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Troy Glaus, 3B
Frank Thomas, DH
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
Royce Clayton, SS

PITCHING: RHP Josh Towers (4-5, 5.07 ERA)

Johnn Damon, DH
Derek Jeter, SS
Bobby Abreu, RF
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Hideki Matsui, LF
Jorge Posada, C
Robinson Cano, 2B
Andy Phillips, 1B
Melky Cabrera, CF

PITCHING: LHP Kei Igawa (2-2, 7.14 ERA)

NOTES: John McDonald and Howie Clark — neither of whom were in the lineup — didn’t make too much of the A-Rod shout incident that happened back in May. Neither did manager John Gibbons, who claimed he hadn’t even thought about it until a reporter brought it up yesterday. Keep an eye on how Towers pitches to A-Rod in their first meeting. Even if nothing happens on Monday, Toronto has a whole four-game set to send a message. We’ll see if they do. … Gibbons once again indicated that Wells was moved back to the No. 3 hole to try to get him more RBI opps. No hint as to whether it’s a permanent switch, but the manager did say today that the leadoff spot is Reed’s spot. … From now on, until the Jays are eliminated, I’ll be including the standings here on the pregame posts.

entering Monday
1. Boston 55-36 (–)
2. New York 45-44 (9)
3. Toronto 45-46 (10)
4. Baltimore 41-50 (14)
5. Tampa Bay 35-56 (20)

entering Monday
1. Cleveland 54-37 (–)
2. Seattle 51-38 (2)
3. Minnesota 49-43 (5.5)
4. New York 45-44 (8)
5. Toronto 45-46 (9)



    Blue Jays are playing it smart by downplaying the whole A-Rod ordeal. Gibbons remembers but he shot it down quick which is a good move on his part. You don’t want to talk about thru the press and then you could face suspensions and warnings before the game even starts.

    Look at the Padres–Cubs game back at Wrigley about a month ago. Peavey spoke about it in the press which is a big no no and the next day Young plunked Derek Lee. Don’t even talk about it in the press. Let your hard play do all the talking for you.


    Jordan at this stage in the game we gain nouthing by playing dodge ball.Bottom line we have to win ballgames.Second half two and two not bad but not good.Time is against us we need at least three out of four.Let’s be the bigger team tonight and forget A-Rod.


    The Jays will have there chances either this series or the other meetings when they play A-Rod and the Yankees. You know for a fact that the Jays remember what happened, remember they are great athletes but they are people as well. The Jays forgive but forget, they will send a message to A-Rod sometime and he deserves it for sure!!!


    Who would have thought that the Jays and the Yankees would both be hovering around .500 and nearly have the same record just after the All-Star break? I don’t think anyone could have predicted that. It’s crazy how injuries can decimate teams.

    What do you guys think is more surprising? The Jays offensive problems or the Yankees pitching falling apart? The Yankees starting staff never looked too good, so I’m inclined to say it’s the Jays offensive problems…

    As far as A-Rod goes, I hope Towers hits him in his first at bat and then both teams put this issue behind them….


    The very best message we could send to A-Rod is to beat the **** out of the Yanks 4 games in a row and keep A-Rod to an 0 and 20 in the series.

    That’s the motivation I hope our team takes into this series. Hitting A-Rod won’t accomplish anything but motivate The Yanks to play hard.


    When the season started you thought the Jays were going to score runs for sure. It was the starters after Halladay that was the big concern and the pen before Ryan that was a issue. I would say a combonation of both the Jays bats being very quiet and the Yankees pitching just disappearing. Remember about the Yankees pitching though, Wang there best pitcher missed the first month or so, Mussina missed time as well. Igawa has been awful from day 1 and Pavano could get hurt while sleeping. Nobody could have predicted that the Yankees would be hovering around .500 right now, the Jays most would have thought that. This is to hemgold, how many wins did you think the Jays were going to have when the season started? I thought around 81 to 85.


    It’ll be interesting to see how Wells does in he 3rd hole tonight. Personally, I’d preferred him in number 2 with Rios number 3.

    I think Rios is batting near .400 in Yankee stadium.

    Let’s hope they get to Igawa early and batter the bull pen around in the first game.


    bosoxbrian: Realistically? I was also thinking around 80-85. With that said, though, as a fan with unrealistic hopes, I was really hoping that with a lot of luck they’d have a shot at the wildcard (around 90 wins). You never know, though, and that’s the great thing about baseball…


    When it comes to beaning A-Rod, I actually think the Yankees are expecting it. As long as it’s nothing dangerous and it’s only done once, I think it will be *** for tat and that’s that.

    (Sorry for the horrible rhyme.)

  10.–I agree with you, when your a fan of the team you want to see them do well. I thought that the Tigers were the team to beat in baseball and the road will go thru there. I thought the Jays offense was going to score a ton of runs but there pitching and defense would be there downfall. Wells not hitting has to be one of the biggest disappointments of the season. I think Vernon put alot of pressure on himself because of all that $$$$ the Jays gave him. He wanted to show everyone that he worth every cent. He’ll have a Vernon Wells type of year hitting in 08 for sure. His defense has and always will be there, anything hit in the air to center he’ll probably get to it. I think he is the best c.f. in the game defensively, just ahead of Jones, Hunter and Ichiro, Rowand and Cameron are high on the list as well.


    At the beginning of the year, I was thinking the Angels and the Dodgers were the teams to beat. The Angels are having a great year, but the Dodgers can’t hit a lick….And to tell you the truth, I thought the Tigers were in for a fall, but they’re also having a great year.

    I don’t know what Vernon’s deal is. The big contract might be part of it, but he’s also admitted to fooling around with his mechanics and bat weight during the off season. That could be a big part of it, too.


    You did not offend me in any way but thank you for your concern. I monitored a game site while going to Uni , nothing you guys could say could be worse than those players….lol.. I never lose my temper.I was only trying to make the point that girls also like baseball. I read the blogs when i should be doing my paperwork but rarely comment . I took the liberty to do so this weekend . I have a passion for baseball though I do not pretend to know everything I am well read and do have opinions. I hope the Jays are the bigger team tonight and don’t do anything to A-Rod, if you believe in karma he will get what he is due if his wife doesn’t get to him first ………lol… Lets pray for a good game tonight . I actually like close games , I think those wins are more coveted



    I think you or I could shutdown the Dodgers, there lineup has no punch at all. A lineup of outs is the Dodgers. The back end of there rotation is not that good, the Schmidt injury hurt them bad.


    Yeah, but what do you think of Russ Martin? That guy’s got a great career ahead of him….Overall, though, I think the Dodgers could have a great team if they got a good, power-hitting clean-up hitter. Jeff Kent and Luis Gonzalez really don’t cut it — they’re getting way too old to carry a team offensively.


    It looks like yank power is getting to Tower power.indigo good one on the wife I forgot about that poor A-Rod.gsummer I’m glad to see your cool tonight good job.hemgold Ithink your right about Wells and his mechanics sometimes it takes a while to get your stroke back lets hope it happens soon.It’s now 2-2 go figure.


    Whats with clayton jeter thros his arms in the air and scares him and he cant make the throw back to first on time and then towers who throws like my eight year old grandson gives a-rod a two run dinger.It looks like this is going to be a slugfest with two bat hitters pitchen.


    I like Russell Martin alot, a solid player all around. It is always nice too see a good hitting catcher.

    Igawa’s pitch count is climbing and then the walk a thon with the Yankees pen will begin. I don’t know how many walks the Yankees pen have issued but they usually lead to runs.



    Your bud, Towers is throwing batting practise tonight. I think you and I could have hit the pitch he threw to A-Rod out of the park.


    I’m a Jays fan and realize their less than great chances of making the postseason. What bugs me is having Jordan post “From now on, until the Jays are eliminated …”. Our columnist should be supporting his team not stating now that his Jays will be eliminated. We’re 92 games in and are around .500, 9 games back, which means we have 70 games to gain 9 games. It’s no small feat but I don’t think Jordan should be writing the Jays off.



    The wife situation is interesting with A-Rod. After he caught aught with the blond bombshell here, there were reports in the NY press, she packed her bags and left.

    There were also reports A-Rod was looking for a new (and the press anticipated another) house.

    Then she shows up in Yankee stadium with the famous FU shirt.

    But I haven’t heard anything after that, have you?

  21. Jordan

    RE: “What bugs me is having Jordan post “From now on, until the Jays are eliminated …”. Our columnist should be supporting his team not stating now that his Jays will be eliminated.”

    Wow, I didn’t even realize my sheer optimism bled through there. I definitely meant to put “when/if” — not just “when.” My bad Jays fans.

    As a side note, though, a. I’m not a columnist, I’m a reporter, and b. The Jays aren’t “my team” — I just cover them for a living. I grew up in Chicago, rooting for the Cubs, though I don’t really follow them anymore, either. Now, I’m merely a fan of good baseball and good storylines.

    Also, I’m not surprised one bit that Towers didn’t go after A-Rod, though don’t believe the Jays when they say they’ve “forgotten” about the incident. They are likely just saying the right things, as someone pointed out early in the thread here.



    If there is a 12 second pitch rule, why didn’t Gibby call Igawa on it. He was taking 20-30 seconds per pitch?

    I feel sorry for all Cubbie fans; and now you have to deal with Pinella.


    Feel sorry for Cubbie fans why? There giving it a strong run right now and with Sheets on the d.l. the Cubs will be in first place by mid August.


    That was me Jordan that said the Jays are saying the right things. At least someone on here knows what they’re talking about. I do enjoy Jordan’s work, keep it up. I think Jordan has seen so many losses with his Cubs, that is why he was not positive about the Jays. Keep up the good work Jordan, you and Ian do a great job!!!


    gsummer I for one had high hopes we could get pinella and out with gibby.A lot of people may not like him but he can light a fire under a team.But as long as JP is the GM you wont see a strong manager in toronto because JP is a puppet master.At least towers is matching run for run.


    If Towers gets out of this inning this should be his last. There was ZERO chance that Pinella was going to Toronto there garryguy. J.P. couldn’t handle a personality like that anyway. As I said when this game started Igawa would not get past the 5th inning. Yankees pen is not good, Rivera of course is good and he has been throwing better lately. Proctor will be throwing lefty by the time this season is over, Torre brings him in way too much.


    The Garry

    Yes, every time we get them Towers gives them up. That’s now 6 runs in 6 innings. But after Jessies last two outing, I think he’s our #5 guy when Burnett gets back.

    Pinella was a disaster the last couple of years in Seattle, he was a disaster in Tampa Bay, and time will tell in Chicago.

    I disagree with you on JP. If Gibby doesn’t get the team going now that we’re getting healthy, I think there’s a good chance he’s gone.

    Gibby still needs lessons on how to handle pitchers. What is frustrating is both Gibby and Ernie were catchers, you’d think they’d both know better.



    Were the Jays after Marshall from the Cubs? If not why not? Kendall was the piece that dealt and let’s face it he has been terrible this year. Marshall would be a nice move by the Jays. In my opinion J.P. asleep again.



    What are you talking about when you say Pinella was a disaster his last 2 years with Seattle. Pinella’s last season there he won 93 games and the season before only 116 wins. That is a disaster, wow your lost there guy.


    If towers gets out of this inning this should be his last.There was ZERO chance that pinella was going to toronto there somebody. JP couldn’t handle a personality like that i didin’t say when this game started Igawa would not get past the 5th inning Yankees pen is not good,Rivera of course is good and he has been throwing better lately.Proctor will be throwing lefty by the time this season is over,Toree brings him in way to much.The Devil made me do it.


    I think I read that before. Hey garryguy, what do you think of the Jays missing out on Marshall from the Cubs? I think he would have a good pickup and you didn’t have to give much to get a young arm and he is lefty on top of it. J.P. should have been involved there, I’m not sure if he was or not.


    Brandon League looked great!!! That pitch he struck out A-Rod on dropped right out of the strike zone, NASTY!!! Good to see League healthy and looking sharp.


    tononamebrian If you are looking for a reply on marshalland if you want me to quit calling you noname apologize to us for calling jessie noname.If you can’t please do not reply you will be wasting your time.Hey guys how about League smokin hot.



    Last time I checked Seattle hadn’t yet won a world series and neither has Tampa. Pinella hasn’t won and that’s what it’s about.


    Too bad Brandon wasn’t put in at the start of the 6th-we might had a beteer chance of winning.


    Once again gibbons the handler leaves a shakey pitcher in to long.Towers did not have it all night when he hit 95-100 pitches take him out.If the bullpen is tired bring up two arms and send two down.gsummer her’s a nightmare if gibbons goes will whitt take his place I think i’m going to be sick.


    When I saw that man on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs, I was debating weather to leave in Towers or not with Downs already in the bullpen. I think in the end I would have done what Gibbons did. But as you can see, a 2 run single that winds up being the difference of the game.



    personally I think Whitt is as much of a problem as Gibby is. They have no clue on how to handle pitchers which is astonishing to me sense they’re both former catchers.We keep giving away games over and over again.

    They think they’re helping the starter by leaving him in to finish an inning and potentially win the game. Well if you saw Towers reaction on the bench, I don’t think they helped him-or the team.

    We had a restocked bullpen with League, and it was in the bottom of the 6th with the game on the line.

    So why not bring Downs.

    Phillips had already seen Towers twice who is not a pitcher that fools anyone. Phillips bats over .400 with men in scoring position. Phillips has been hot, batting .375 in July. He hits .188 against left handers, .351 against righties.

    These guys get the same information I’m posting and probably more up to date-the odds were against leaving Towers in there and both Whitt and Gibby knew it, but they left him in anyway.

    Idiots-plain and simple and as a result we lose another.


    In my view

    The right decision would have been to bring League in at the start of the 6th-or bring Downs in to face Phillips. Either decision would have tipped the odds in our favor.

    Great game from Troy Glaus.



    Pinella has won a World Series, it was a long time ago though. He is going to be in the hall of fame. He is a great manager, it is showing with the way his Cubs are playing.


    gsummer i’m with you on downs then league or just league.I have said all along gibbons cant handle pitchers.He is an *** kisser who thinks of the pitchers stats before the team getting the win.JP like every other GM has to back up gibbons until the axe falls for the teams sake.I think it will happen soon.The order will come from upstairs.Ted Rodgers has never backed a looser before and he wont start now.


    The first thing the Jays should do when the season is over is FIRE J.P. That guy doesn’t really have a plan from what I can see. Has J.P. ever heard of starting pitching? I wonder and you Toronto fans should as well. He should go back to Oakland and get coffee for his old boss Billy Beane. Beane is one that has carried those guys like J.P. and the former g.m. of the Dodgers Paul DePodesto. Those 2 worked under Beane and obviously both J.P. and DePodesto were sleeping when Beane was working. You think they would have picked up something being around him.


    the garry

    Publically, JP has to defend Gibby. JP in my view has built a team that can win; the pieces, when all healthy, are in place. If Gibby can’t bring it home, JP will fire him, bet on it.

    Frankly, with more goofs like tonight, it might come sooner than you think. The order to do so will come from Rodgers. JP has full support to run the team as proven by the increase in budget and the signings of free agents that have taken place.

    I also think Mr. Ted Rodgers is a baseball fan and I’d bet he likes the pieces put into place by JP, as the fans do and realizes we’re not far from winning it all.



    Pinella won a series as a player not a manager. The reason Seattle let him go was the collapses in a number of seasons when the team finally made the playoffs. I seem to remember one year when they won 112 or 116 games in the regular season and got swept in the first playoff series. Great manager huh?

    Great managers win playoff and world series. All Pinella has done is win games in the season with great players brought to the team by Pat Gillick. It was Gillick that built the team, Pinella incapable of winning.

    The players hate him, dislike playing for him and theres a better chance of you getting into the hall than him.

    I know, you’ve been trying all evening to engage in an nonsensible discussion on either Pinella or JP.

    And as such you post nonsense hoping either myself or others would take the bait.

    And frankly, you can attack JP all you want, his record of building the minors, trading and signing free agents stands up with any GM.

    As I posted to you last night, I’m done playing with you; so don’t expect me to answer an more of your posts.

    Frankly, in this particular series, I’d have thought you’d have been on the NY board creating havic there. Or did some of the guys there frighten you off with their threats.


    The garry-sorry A point of clarification.

    I meant to say “the order to do so will NOT come from Rogers.”


    Another point of clarification

    Some poster tonight stated the Cubs had traded Marshall to Oakland for Kendal and suggested JP was asleep at the switch again.

    Well the truth is as follows:

    CHICAGO — The Cubs geared up for the stretch run when they acquired veteran catcher Jason Kendall from the Oakland Athletics in exchange for catcher Rob Bowen and Minor League pitcher Jerry Blevins.

    Just a suggestion-the next time get your facts straight.



    You must get your facts straight as well. Pinella was the manager when of the Reds back in 1990 when they SWEPT the A’s. One of the reason’s Pinella left was he wanted to come back to the Tampa area and manage, that obviously didn’t work, his owner was Vince Namoil, enough said there. I heard on E.S.P.N. that Kendall was traded for Marshall, my bad. I guess I can’t be like yourself there gsumner, ALWAYS RIGHT!!!! Anyone that thinks Pinella is not a good manager basically knows nothing, you would love to have him in the dugout in Toronto. J.P. has done a poor job with signing free agents, Burnett 55 million for 5 years. That has to be one of the worst signings in the last 5 years, right there with the Rangers when they signed Chan Ho Park. My bad on the Marshall trade.


    I remember watching Pinella manage the rays when they were playing the yankees. He left a young relief pitcher in the game who gave up back to back to back homeruns against the yankees. Not only did they lose that game, but imagine what that must have done to that pichers confidence. It is not only because of that, but I just can’t see Pinella managing in Toronto.


    You’re right, Pinella did win one series. But you’re also wrong in that he didnt leave Cinncinnati to go to Tampa as you suggest, he went to Seattle after Tampa.

    The Burnett signing is an excellent one and will be proven over time. I’d expect if he had been a free agent this year-he’d have gotten 100 mill over 5 years.


    bullshi-brian is starting to cry you have to lay off him lol.

    phillips got lucky last night.

    The Jays left 12 on base last night no good.

    60 days ago torre said a-rod was wrong now he says he was a victim????.

    Towers was over 90 pitches a weak pitcher to say the least why send him back out when you have supper fly in the bullpen.

    Last night 0-4 thomas 0-5 hill 0-5 not much help there.

    Also why change the d-am lineup when it was working.

    The only change i would have made was to hit johnson lower in the lineup untel he gets his stroke back.Females and baseball.there are millions of baseball fans that are women and girls and we cant see the people who post on Jordans blog so I think it would not be wise to use any disparaging worlds against the female gender.

    I Know it’s not my blog but I felt I had to say that for my wife reads this blog to…..gsummer I was never a burnett fan but now I hope he goes 70-20 for the rest of his stay here.Do you think we might hear from a certain someone he she or he/she reads this lol.


    SUPER FLY not supper fly.
    johnson o-4.

    Also when he or she.

    forgot to check it before I posted sorry.


    the garry

    Hey, the A-Rod wife issue was on the front page of NY papers. The comments I made were highly publized; and I’m sure read by more women than men. My post was a response to indigo who raised the issue.

    I re-read what I posted and do not understand why your wife would be offended; I did not use any disparaging words and am at a bit of a loss as to what you mean.

    Phillips didn’t get lucky, the odds were in his favor because we messed up.

    It’s amazing to me how soon fans forget the tremendous performances from AJ -with no run support, when Halliday went down. He held the rotation together, was overused and got injured as a result and fans are on his back. Hilarious.



    Pinella left Seattle to come home to the Tampa area, that is the only reason he took the Devil Rays job. The Devil Rays owner promised that he would raise the payroll over a period of a few years and obviously Namoli the owner did not and Chuck LaMar as well. Pinella felt he was lied to so he bolted. I don’t blame him for leaving, personally I don’t think Pinella is good for young players, he hurts there confidence quick. I never said Pinella went from Cinn. to Tampa, read what I write, that is all I ask of you. You are insane when you say that Burnett would get a 100 million dollar contract, who in there right mind would give him that? It was bad enough that J.P. gave Burnett 55 million, as I said probably the worst signing since Chan Ho Park signed with the Rangers several years ago.

    Tonight could be the night where the Jays plunk A-Rod. Halladay on the mound, there ace, no better way to do it. Jays made the Yankee pen look too good last night.



    Offending someone’s wife. What is up with that? You should apologize and do it very soon.


    What I wrote had nouthing to do with what you said.And it was not directed at you for anything you may have posted in the past,It was what we all may say in the future,bosoxbrian doesn’t care what he writes,We don’t want to drop to his level.

    If you thought this was against you I’m sorry for that.


    Marshal Cubs pitcher.06/07-10and12-479era-76bb-vs-115so.

    What’s so great about that,we already had MARCOM-McGOWAN-LITSCH.

    Count them three great young arms,you can only have so many.gsummer now that you gave me all those sites you’r right about JP he is building a good minor league system.

    indigo.please comment more I’m sure all of us would like to read your comments about baseball,and none of us know everything about baseball.

    The only way to learn is to talk to other people.


    Marshall is a lefty and a young arm. He would be a nice fit for the Jays but the Cubs are not going to get rid of him. Marcum, McGowan and the no name kid are so so. Marcum is a better fit for the pen and McGowan is up and down and the no name kid, it too early for him. The Jays don’t even know what they have in him.

    I agree with you garryguy, the only way you learn is talk to other people, not only just baseball but life in general. I like to read about alot of different perspectives, some I agree with and as you find out here some I don’t. What do you think of Halladay sending a message to A-Rod tonight?

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